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Most actors dream of being in the movies. For years, television was considered inferior to movies and actors were classed accordingly. Of course, with soap operas such as Days of our Lives and Daily Hospital, this classification was understandable. These however were not the kind of television productions that we're seeing today, at least from the good ol' USA.

The television episodics now coming out of Hollywood and Canada are superb. The acting, scripts, directing, camera, special affects; it's all amazing and easily challenges anything you'll in the cinema. In fact, I believe that some of the current television series would beat today's movies in a face-off.

Television series that have me captured include Smallville, Medium, NCIS, Las Vegas, House, Lost, Numb3rs, Prison Break, The 4400, The Closer and Veronica Mars. New series that I find intriguing include series from the latest alien invasion trend including Invasion and Surface. It'll be interesting to see how Threshold develops too.

There's also another trend of television series focussed on the spirit world including Medium and Point Pleasant, and new series such as The Others, Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer. Vampires seem to be old hat and out of fashion these days although Buffy will always be one of my all-time favourites.

People watching television in the USA are beginning to find themselves in the difficult position of having to choose some television series at the cost of not being able to watch others, or leaving their Tivos on 24 hours and hope that they have enough time on the weekends to watch all of the incredible series now available to them.

Which actor wants to be in the movies when you could be in one of these amazing television series? I'm jealous of those actors lucky enough to be there in the middle of this new era of television productions. Unfortunately, here in Asia, television series are still in the Days of our Lives era with mediocre scripts, story lines, film sets and schedules (at TVB, we frequently don't get our scripts until the day before filming). Without any real competition or access to larger markets, I don't think we'll see any advancement in the quality of the series for some time to come.

If competition develops for the local television markets, it won't come from local productions. It'll be the Hollywood productions. Even though the productions are in English, even though viewers may have to read subtitles, the quality of those productions is now so high that people may begin to watch them in preference to locally made ones. If so, one of two things will happen. Either local productions will step up to the plate and improve the quality of their work, or the whole industry will collapse and recede just as the film industry has. As great as Hollywood television is, I personally hope that local productions accept the challenge and improve their work. Only then will we continue to have true variety in what we can watch on television.

Will local television productions get squashed out of existence? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, if you're a casting director in Hollywood and need an actor for a new TV series, please drop me a line.


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  1. wintervalley says:

    Check out "Kitchen Confidential" and "Grey's Anatomy" too... they're excellent!!! :)

  2. sapphire says:

    Since Korean soaps have become popular 2-3 years ago, tons of them released on TVB particularly after the huge success of 大XX. Are they all in good quality? I doubt very much. So why are we still bothering with those TV-dumbing-us-down soaps?

    Hope to see you in Hollywood movies one day. Just like our 發哥, he’s the pride of HK and all Chinese people. Btw, can you speak English with N. American accent as well? I think it could be beneficial to those who are interested in Hollywood.

  3. 河國榮 says:


    the Korean and Japanese soaps are better than those being filmed here in HK. the Japanese have a much larger market and spend time and money to make the best series they can. one special thing about Japanese series is that they're only 11 episodes long. in HK, most series are 20 episodes with some being 30 or 40 episodes. in the USA, pilot episodics are normally 11 or 12 episodes with subsequent seasons being 23 or 24 episodes each. still, the USA episodics even exceed the Japanese and Korean productions in quality. it's all a problem of money and markets. the USA shows can be sold throughout the world. the Japanese and Korean shows don't get much showing outside of Asia whose tv subscribers seem to be poorer than their counterparts in the USA.

    I can't speak with an American accent yet. from memory, Hollywood prefers that you either speak with a New York accent or an L.A. accent.

    Winter Valley,

    I like Grey's Anatomy too. it will be interesting to see how season 2 goes. with the main actress's mother problems and boyfriend problems, I don't think they'll have much of a problem continuing to infuse tension into the series.

    I haven't seen Kitchen Confidential. is it a story or a reality show?

  4. Alex says:

    You might not know who I am, but I just want to share with everyone that the TV series LOST by ABC is by far one of the best TV series this year. The level of the storyline, effects, screenplay...etc, it is just as good as those big screen movies you might see in the cinema. Argee?

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I guess I'm the outcast here. I like those simple comedy tv shows like Yes Dear, Super Nanny, According to Jim, George Lopez, etc...

    I never got into and cannot get into those hit shows like Lost & Desperate Housewives & Medium, etc....

  6. wintervalley says:

    "Kitchen Confidential" is a 1/2 hour comedy series, but no laugh tracks. (kind of like "Scrubs")
    Bradley Cooper (Will from "Alias"), Jaime King and Xander from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is in it. It's still a little rough on the edges since it's a new show, but it's very funny. :)

    Yeah, the second season of "Grey's Anatomy" has started two weeks ago... it's so good! This week Meredith's mother problems will come into light at the hospital... can't wait to see how that turns out.

    I'm surprised you have all these time to watch so much TV! haha~

  7. siuyudim says:

    The school scene of Smallville was filmed in my highschool! Seeing all the filming equipment and the vast amount of preparation work was very impressive. Chinese series aren't very creative but I still prefer watching them over anything else.

  8. sourpowder says:

    I agree with you entirely, Mr Rivers, that the scipts of TVB dramas are mostly mediocre. My grandmother and mother have always been keen renters (pre-dating TVB home installation in Sydney) and now keen followers of TVB soaps so I have been thoroughly exposed. The storylines, I've found in the last few years, are rather predictable and rarely leave you stimulated in thought. "War and Beauty" was a pleasing exception. Productions by the States often don't spell everything out in black and white but rather leave you to contemplate what the message or conclusion of the drama is. But perhaps the reason why TVB productions are created the way they are are to appeal to their audience - mostly housewives (?) while in America they try to create a mix of productions - quirky "House" and thought-provoking "Lost" for younger people, and things with less action for older people?

    To diverge from this, I was wondering if you might kindly offer some Cantonese-learning tips? I am marrying, somewhat against the wishes of my very Chinese Chinese parents, a Caucasian guy in a couple of months. They would really love him to be able to learn and speak Cantonese (now that they have finally realised that our marriage is inevitable). I have nil bright ideas myself... I feel his interest in it is limited....i mean, in four years he has merely achieved counting from one to ten.

    All the best for you in your work.

  9. Beckie says:

    Hi Mr. Rivers. This is my first time posting a comment. But I've been enjoying reading your articles for the past month or so now. (Also, have enjoyed watching your performances in the modicum of TVB series I've seen). I'm impressed that you included Veronica Mars in your list of favorites. I'm also a fan of the show. It's very smart, funny, entertaining; a great series! Does Veronica Mars broadcast in Hong Kong? I live in the States. Best regards.

  10. Karen says:

    I'm really get bored with the TV channels keep on showing CSI, CSI Miami, CSI NY, Law n Order, Law n Order SVU, Law n Order judge by jury. Or they only show "Big Brother","Australian Idol" etc etc.

    But one comedy recommanded "Everybody loves Raymond". It has been shown for 9 years and come to end (I think the finale shown around 2 months ago in here (Sydney)). It is funny n the jokes are good.

    I also like the drama like ER, House. Their scripts, camera shooting, technology use are real good. I also like 4400 and Lost, they are really like a movie. Can't stop watching them ;P

  11. Amy says:

    I do agree with Sourpowder that the series in HK are becoming so much more predictable nowadays. And they also tend to let you know of the whole storyline too early in the series, and you will be able to guess the ending without really watching it. Are the scriptwriters all copying each other work? Sometimes the same story line will repeat itself in other series as well.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Even though the TVB storylines are predictable, I just can't stop watching them! They're usually addicting... ahhh!!!!

    Karen, you're funny about CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miamo, Law & Order, Survivors, yada yada yada...

    Everybody Loves Raymond is quite a funny show! I don't follow it religiously, but when I catch an episode on TV, it usually has a lot of laughs :)

  13. Juslitome says:

    I love House. It's one of the more dramatic but yet equally humorous shows that appears on the Fox channel that I'm addicted to. I agree with the majority of people here - TVB series are getting too predictable and there is barely anything that keeps me watching anymore (besides the engaging costumes and the actors/actresses that I root for). Seriously, the series back in the old days used to be so good. What happened? Did the old script writers all die off or something? All I can say is that, I'm very very disappointed.

    On the other hand, I also adore Korean series. They stay so focused on a character's development. Despite the fact that the plot can be predictable at times, they redeem themselves by showing the depth of portrayal of the characters' emotions, which reel audience in. Can't say the same from TVB, I'm afraid.

  14. Karen says:

    I just wonder who did watch ATV? I'm kind of the odd one that watch ATV I think. (As my daddy watching it n i've no choice :P) Haven't watch since I came to Sydney few years ago. I still remember some good show like 再見艷陽天,勝者為王etc and some series around the time of Cultural Revolution in China. I remembered that the story lines are good and really attract me to watch them everynight~~ ;P

  15. yinyin says:

    JUST come back from NZ, it's great!!!
    Wow... new updates. Let me Check...
    Hey About those soap opera... There are very where. Seriously the production of HK movies or Tvb shows are extremely boring. As someone mentioned before you can accutally predict the ending. war and Beauty is alright. Like beginning is quite interesting. But the common mistake is that in the middle is too slow and add in useless converstaion or scenery to enlong the story, and then a quick ending that did not summarise the show.
    Japanese and Korean show, is.... For japanese show, sorry i hardly watch any of them because of the "grandparent" theory of how they invaded China and how our relatives are badly affected or got killed so sterotyping applies... Discrmination... but just cant stop myself.
    Korean show.... hey all my friends think there are so so romantic. Like the Rain House or that show where this gilr she fall in love with her brother and she died of cancer. Hey I found that they totally dragged the story line, like 10 espiode drama turn out to be 20. But my father says this is quality production like that 大XX.But quality does not applies to not knowing the history!
    Like in 大XX, it is settled in ming dynasty, but when that 明朝官员to visit Korea, 今英's aunt cooked that 满汉全集 (the last word is a typo cause i dont know how to typeit). But the story line is setted in ming dynasty and 满汉全集 was introduced by the qing emperor king xi for the mix cultral of the han tribe and the mian tribe. It doesnt make any sense. And in the show it also says 长今 introduced the 麻醉medicine and the 开人体to get rid of the affected body part.That doesnt make any sense at all. 麻醉medicine and 开人体 was introduced by 华陀 a long time ago.
    For European production i like the Michael Bay, the director of Pearl Harbor.The chinese 中央channel's production is great shows like 康熙帝国。Those drama are producted in a fine way without being exggrate to grab audience's attention and thus rescult the building of tension.
    Good drama should not be watch by the stream of time.
    Regards YinYIn ^_^ ( sorry to write so much personal opinions)

  16. yinyin says:

    Hey just a question, the dog in your signture, is that a German Shepard?
    If it, what number is he or she? Hey like i know that you have ten dogs, dont they fight? Like my father says dogs get jealous very easily if you treat one better than one.
    I so want a german sherpard, they are the best or Laberdor ( misspell) is great too. I like big dogs that gives a sense of protection and dont bark much! I end up with a annoying chuawawa mix wirh some dogs that invade my room every now and then..

  17. yinyin says:

    Hey just a question, the dog in your signture, is that a German Shepard?
    If it, what number is he or she? Hey like i know that you have ten dogs, dont they fight? Like my father says dogs get jealous very easily if you treat one better than one.
    I so want a german sherpard, they are the best or Laberdor ( misspell) is great too. I like big dogs that gives a sense of protection and dont bark much! I end up with a annoying chuawawa mix wirh some dogs that invade my room every now and then..

  18. Joe says:

    Hi Mr Rivers, did you happen to get my email? If you ignored it, please let me know. Thanks.

  19. daisy says:

    i don't watch TV always as i don't have so much time....
    but my favourite programme is >, > & >
    above shows are so great that i watch every episode.
    if i miss one episode, i will cry.......

  20. yinyin says:

    Hey, my mum was watching 酒店风云tonight during dinner while i was reading the 6th book of harry potter. And she shouted to me, "女呀,又是你个鬼老呀"!And i replied:" mum, shut up, dont call him 鬼老 that is so rude is like ppl call you 肥婆!And then i run out stand right infront of the tv ( im didnt wear my glass), but you only pop up in few scene.... Sad...
    But, hey i never know you have long hair! It looks great..
    Anyway, have to go to sleep.
    Good Night!
    Regards Yin

  21. Tonia says:

    我也是電視迷一個, 你說的 LOST, Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer 我總是只能睇一部份, 現在真的太多嘢睇(包括現在播緊"金枝欲孽"), 一星期七日也覺不夠時間把它們全部看晒

  22. Joanne says:

    I've never really understood why movie actors get so much more attention and pay. I remember when the cast from "Friends" broke records for being the most highly paid tv actors, they were still a way off from movie salaries.

    I've always prefered watching television series, usually because there's so much more time for characterization. My favourite American stars are all ones who found fame on the small screen, like Gillian Anderson, Marg Helgenberger, Judith Light, etc...as opposed to people like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, etc. And I also find that movies are just too stressful, it's always like this big BANG because they've got to fit so much in less than 2 hours (unless we're talking Titanic or Pearl Harbour). I do understand why people like them though.....they don't have the time to "follow" television series.

    I am also one of those people however, who watch for cast more than storyline at times. That's probably what keeps me watching TVB series. I know that the storylines are quite predictable, and often the main actors and actresses have very questionable acting skills...but I'll watch it for all those veterans that I'm a fan of. Like how I won't miss a single episode of any of Maggie Shiu's (邵美琪) tv series. I wasn't interested in Korean shows because I didn't know anybody and I can't stand dubbing, but I saw a couple episodes of 大長今, I found a character I liked and I've kept watching it. And now I've read about the character's demise...which is coming up soon...so I think I'll stop watching it then.

    I also get sucked into soapies like Neighbours or Bold and The Beautiful, but that's a different story.

    I think it's hard for TVB to keep the quality up, because they produce so many series in such short periods of time. I know there will always be people like me who watch for people though, so local television should be safe for now. And there has got to be people like me who hate reading subtitles. Despite the bad storylines, what I do love about TVB series is bantering between characters. I find that cantonese is such an expressive dialect, there's so many ways to say so many things....that's one thing that I really enjoy about TVB series, and one thing that Hollywood can't provide.

    For me, American shows is something that I watch with concentration (especially CSI), whereas TVB is more of a kick-back and relax thing. If you compare the two, it's obvious which one is better, but if you don't compare them, both of them really do have their positive points.

    But now it's late, I'm sleepy and I'm seriously rambling...apologies ;)

  23. Ian says:

    I heard that TVB recents 'women on the run', is, somehow alittle imitating 'Desperate Housewives'.

    Anyhow, i didn't watch this one seems it's a poor copy of DH. I had actually gone bored with those Koren loves story soap, can't they have any other storyline..?

    I think most of the shows here are rated based on stars value most of the time, especially those Korean's soap.

    While Tvb drama, it seems suits a lof poeple taste, from a normal Auntie to families.

    For example, 'virtues of harmony', sorry to the fans here, i really find it very unmeaningful despite it's a comedy, shows like 'Reba', 'The Office', 'Curb your enthuasiasm' is more better and enduring, i am a follower for these shows..

    I am sorry if my message offended anyone..

  24. smakelijk says:

    Sometimes, I agree that TVB series really sucks and lame. "Revolving Doors of Vengence" is a good example of childish/chessy storyline who insulted the audience's intellegence(sp). Even the U.S dramas are good, but sometimes they speak too fast and miss the subtitles.

    Most "see lai" won't see english speaking dramas and they just watch TVB instead.

    2 out of 10 TVB series are worthy to watch, others are a bunch of trash and a waste of time.

    One of my favorite smart/excellent TVB series is "The Greed of Man" w/ Sean Lau and Adam Cheng.

    Recently, I like " Misleading Track" w/ Deric Wan, Bowie Lam.

  25. Ian says:

    I am actually a huge fan of "Revolving Doors of Vengence"..

    Atleast it's still better than many other drama, i actually hope that i could become somenoe like Martin Ko one day, a smart and succesful business person.. ;)

    "Misleading Track" was great too..

  26. 不平則鳴 says:

    To Smakelijk,

    “Most "see lai" won't see english speaking dramas and they just watch TVB instead”
    Is housewife equivalent to ignorance? I’m a career person who lives in N. America, but I like watching both US series & TVB series. As long as they are good shows, I don’t care where they come from. Your mean comment is a huge insult to millions of TVB audiences in HK and overseas, also not fair to those diligent TVB artists, like Mr. Ho. I’m sure a lot of readers here agree with that.

    “Even the U.S dramas are good, but sometimes they speak too fast and miss the subtitles”
    Are all US series good in quality? Are you trying to imply that you’re professional and highly educated since you like watching English series only? Actually it’s not difficult for me to tell from your thinking and writing.

    I know here is a free forum but please be considerate of other readers’ hard feelings. Have you ever heard of the famous saying “talking without thinking is like shooting without aim?” Watching TVB series or US series is just a matter of personal choice. We shouldn’t labeling people by this. IT’S SO NAÏVE!

  27. yinyin says:

    Hey Ian, what espiod did martin came out? Coz i did really watch the show, because i dislike most of the characters in that show. But i really like the second son of wong yuk teng, i like his performance in that heaven sword and the dragon sabre 2000, even though the performace of one of the main character is disappointing.... Not mentioning any names....
    Wow.... upstairs... coo down... have a cup of green tea.... respect other's opinion....
    By the way, some one mentioned pearl harbor and titanic. People said those two movies are very similiar but for me this is not the case. I love pearl harbor and i hate titanic.... lol... Titanic is the most goose bumping movie i ever saw, the quality of the production is excellent but it just that personally i dont like those kind of romance without good endings which is a very childish idea. But in comparsion pearl harbor rocks... Yeah crazy yin.... ^_^... I love the director, even though he never show up in the movie... I pruchase these director's cut version for like fifty dollars 5.... my money.... and then i saw the director talking. His name is Michael Bay lol, and he is the best director i ever seen, like he should be an actor instead of director lol/// EYE CONTACT>>>>>>> Some how i just got so addicted when he was talking....
    Any way... im flooding wing's blog with my endless talks... Sorry....>

  28. Joanne says:

    Yin, I'm not sure if you're talking about someone else, but I did mention Titanic and Pearl Harbour . I said them in the same breath because I was alluding to the length of both the movies, but as for the actual movie content, I find them completely different. The only thing in common is the fact that they're both too long. And in all honesty, I enjoyed neither of them.

    I guess I'm a bigger fan of movies with words and crazy meanings, rather than movies with lots of bombing (Pearl Harbor) or lots of romance (Titanic). Like American Beauty. Now that is a classic...but now I'm off topic.

  29. Ian says:

    Hi, yinyin, Martin Ko was played very brilliantly by Joe Ma, his character shows up from episode 2 onwards if i am not mistaken.., Martin Ko is one of the very main character in thwe drama, i strongly recommend you to watch this one if you like Joe Ma, eventhough i am not his fans, but, his performance in this drama was very outstanding indeed and impressed a non fans like me..!!

    Haha, i loves Titanic very much maybe because i have very close friend who had such similar experience in her previous relationship.., and i was heart broken due to that.. :(

  30. sapphire says:

    河生,對不起!借用你的 ”地頭” 一會兒。

  31. T.J. says:

    Greg, I think you're a terrific actor who we'll eventually lose to Hollywood some day. You're far, far capable of taking on a much bigger role and I think it's time for TVB to give you a leading role in a drama. I sometimes wonder how many TVB dramas you've played a role in since you're in pretty much all of them! (except for 古裝劇 =) )

    Just saw your performance on Into Thin Air (人間蒸發) yesterday.

    I agree with smakelijik and Ian: "Misleading Track" (奪命真夫) was great and is one of my favourite TVB dramas, Bowie Lam (林保怡) and Louisa So (蘇玉華) were again at their best.

  32. Joyce says:

    Hi...a friend of mine recommended me to visit your site, and here I am reading it, I found it very interesting. I am from NY, and I've seen alot of TVBs that you were filmed in it. Recently, I think you were in playing a part in Healing Hands, and you were playing the guitar.
    well, mad propz to you, and wish you good luck!!!

  33. alison says:

    I would not classify Japanese & Korean drama as one group; as I think the former is far superior to the latter in terms of the props, story line, cast ... The story line of most Japanese drama is way more diversified. They tend to deliver a message abt relationship between friends, family members and lovers. It strikes me that the Japanese production is more attentive to details and are better researched.

    Yeah, I think ATV has some good production (not limited to drama),often better than those of TVB's. TVB tends to win on ratings, largely due to habitual viewership. Sad!

    Agree that many of TVB's drama are very lousy. But in general, I still think HK's production outperform that of Korea's and Taiwan's.

    (I'm currently on a biz trip in Seoul, sitting in the hotel room. Can't stand the drama that is showing now. But quite like the TV commercial here, which highly resembles those in Japan.)

  34. Jo ^c^ says:

    i can so see u casted as 1 of the survivors in LOST!!! i think some US telly productions are better then movie.. for one, i loved BAND OF BROTHERS and didnt like saving private ryan at all, the same BG and storyline, but the TV series is just so much better..i was so hooked on it, i finished the box set dvds within 3 days!!! if u havent seen it, i highly recommend it! ^c^

  35. John says:

    i remember discussing with my friend once about the poor quality of hk serials. we came to the conclusion that the only way for the quality to improve was for TVB to pretty much collapse. it's been on a good run for too long that it does not need a shake up or changes made.

  36. yinyin says:

    Hey wing, firstly i wish you dont mind if i flood the post with my words. And you still havent appear on the blog.... Missing person...

  37. Joanne says:


    You're right about short movies limiting cast development - which is why I prefer tv series ;)

    American Beauty was released back in 1999, and I think it's rating MA. Not sure what the equivalent to that is in USA...but it's 15+. Starring Kevin Spacey, it's got plenty of black humour....basically a very twisted movie. Yet so incredibly good. One of the only movies that I love like anything.

  38. Lu says:

    i have too much to say at this moment; i don't know where to start.

    i only stumbled across this site accidentally, and read this post. it brought about a whole new insight into the person i previously perceievd you to be. you're a real person behind those roles you've taken over the years - you have thoughts, you have beliefs, you have a family and i think most importantly, you're passionate about what you do. i think you're talented in lots of areas. i remember the times when my brothers and i would flick in a tvb film and see you - the [not so] surprise to see you as yet another western character in an eastern series film. it never ceases to amaze. i apologise for being that way - you're actually dedicated to what you do, something you're passionate about.

    i was even more amazed, as i read through your post, knowing that you're an australian still wanting to be known as an australian even though you've been working mainly overseas, and fluent in both english and chinese. myself as a chinese, cannot even write or read, which i feel bad for. i read some other of your writing, and i feel you're really disappointed with hong kong series production. you're not the only one.

    i agree with you, tvb has lost touch with itself. films no longer appeal to me as it used to. i watched detective investigations files IV [tvb] after waiting for it to be brought back to sydney from hong kong, and was truly amazed how different tvb series have become. sometimes, these series are disgusting to the point where i boycott it altogether. the casting, i noticed, has failed to meet the needs of the series. leadng roles have been passed to new and popular younger stars, than ones with real talent. this is wrong. tvb will never strike international appeal and never reach that standard if this goes on. budget, i presume, is the blame. they produce too many, in too short a time, with too little money.

    i never knew your name before, but now i will - gregory charles river.

    thank you, for reading through this, mr rivers. i sincerely hope that your talents will be recognised for what its worth.

    -- lu.

  39. Amy says:

    I do believe that Lu is definately correct about the budget constraint that TVB is having. I was watching 酒店風雲 yesterday, and the part where 吳卓羲 is going to crash into his brother's car. We all knew that is going to happen soon cos all of a sudden they are driving really old and outdated cars where usually they will drive BMW or Mercedes Benz. My nephew even commmented that the actors and actresses are all the same for all the shows that we are watching recently. It seems that TVB likes to promote the same batch of people at a particular time. I don't think this is a good idea cos they will tire out easily when they need to act in 3/4 different series at the same time. And the older actors lose out the opportunity to even act which is really a loss.

  40. Ian says:

    Keep on watching 酒店風雲, Amy, you will find Martin Ko appears alot and it was an terrific role played by Joe Ma..

    Greg, Seems you played an guest appearance in Healings Hands 3 a.k.a. ER version of HK, wonder how you think about this show then..?

    My local tv had start showing 'LOST'.. Good news then.. By the way, i also loves Charmed and etc..

    I think TVB series suits most of the style and taste of HK people.., so thats why they always have a few of HIT series every year..

  41. Amy says:

    酒店風雲 is one of the series that is really good. I can't seem to stop. The plot is quite interesting and I'm waiting to see if Martin Ko turns out to be a good guy after all. :D

    And Ian, 妙手仁心III has been in discussion previously. There has been quite a number of posts there. Greg has actually made comments too. Maybe you can check it out. Don't think Greg will start another 妙手仁心III posts here again.

  42. yinyin says:

    Hey, i was watching that 酒店風雲. Will martin ko turns be a good person? I dont know... but i think steven ma is great at acting evil person. And by the will, any one know what happens to Chole and that lawyer in the end? Cause i felt very so that lawyer...
    Anway, cya.

  43. Jane says:

    Hi Greg! You posted this blog quite a while ago, don't know if you'll still see this comment. I really agree with what you said. I'm a great fan of TVB series, but since I live in Canada on residence at my university, I don't get Chinese TV at all. But there are just SO many tv shows here to keep me busy, especially when so many new tv shows came out this season and last season. My personal favourites are CSI, Close to Home(new), Prison Break, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and various reality shows. Though I'm a forensic science student and I absolutely understand how unrealistic CSI is, I'm just hooked onto it cuz all the cast, the acting, special effects, makeup, setup, etc. just amazes me as compared to the ordinary TVB drama. TVB have only so many actors and actresses (and I understand it...) so you keep seeing all the people over and over again. Plus, all the tv shows in the States have so much more budget than a small(though big in HK) TV station in HK, which I think is why there is rarely any successful reality shows in HK.

  44. Ian says:

    Martin is a good guy, he is back to do what he promised to the late Mr. Wong, the father of the three sons.., he did all the evil to force the 3 brothers united, it's all for GOOD.

    But, unfortunately, it turns out the youngest hated him so much and have revenge on him, Martin's real dad was 'killed', and Martin went mad and let go the promise, now, the real game begins..!! :D

  45. Cindy says:

    This is my first time on this site...lol, i should really be studying for a bio test...

    I just wanna say that Greg, u are an amazing actor. It's a shame that you're roles are limited and type-casted at times because of being caucasion, since u truly can act. I have to agree that TVB's quality is nothing compared to hollywood (with the exception of War and Beauty or even Healing Hands III in my opinion-there was alot of medical scenes that were worth watching). I hated when TVB promoted how Triumph In the Skies included high tech graphics...those graphics of airplanes were UNBELIEVABLE TERRIBLE! IT's like cheesy early 90's animation in my opinion.

    WHat I also can't stand about TVB is that for the most part, they hire for looks not for talent. There are so many artists being promoted even tho they have no talent in acting. They're there because there pretty. HK media is like that. Like Cookies for instance, when they formed in the beginnig- that supposable singing group was half made up of models! Then u have pageant girls that are gaurenteed into getting good roles in series whether or not they can act at all. It isn't fair to those who are truly talented. There are very few, like yourself, who are there because they deserve to be.
    It's just so frustrating!

  46. Karolyn says:

    Great website! What a great way to showcase your talent! How do you watch these American channels in Hong KOng? I just arrived here and can't find anything to watch.

  47. Waksman says:

    I had stopped watching Cantonese movies for a long while now, I guess it was at the time when everyone was getting the counterfeit movies on the streets and the productions of movies were mainly relied on a couple of major actors and actress to pull in the revenue! Well as the time passed, most movies became vague and stupid, the storyline is the same over and over again! I don't know if I go in to the movies theather to see just the actors of the movie itself! Anyway, it had gotten to the point that it was so bad and I gave it up all together! I would still occasionally see 1 or 2 HK movies, but what happened to the good old times when everyone was lining on the streets to catch a movie? Just when I thought I could watch some tv at home....TVB is a majority channel...right? I would think so....but these couple of years, there were no memorable shows! I can't even think of one! It's just that bad!!!! What happened to the TVB writers? Do they only know how to copy other people's work? The movies industries is at its end, don't tell me TVB is walking on that path also!