Motorola’s ROKR iTunes mobile phone

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My wife and I looked at the new Motorola ROKR iTunes phone today here in Hong Kong. We weren't impressed. The plastic used to build the phone was... too plastic! I wondered if it would survive even a single drop to the ground.

My wife who has been using a Nokia 8310 since I can't remember when decided to buy the Sony Ericsson W800i instead. While almost twice the price of the ROKR, I don't think we made the wrong choice and I'm sure it'll work well for her for many years to come.

And it's fully supported by Mac OS X's iSync so what else can I say.


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  1. ☆*°..涼子*~¢‧﹒ says:

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    The Motorola phone is a joke! Ipods are amazing though. I'm still disappointed they discontinued the mini and replaced it with the nano. The nano is cute looking, but I was looking to upgrade in space rather than a downgrade. Right now, I'm sticking with my trusty beautiful ipod mini :)

  3. sapphire says:

    With cell phone manufactures adding new features on a regular basis, consumers often look for a more advanced phone with photo, video, MP3 and Internet capabilities to replace their existing outdated one. I'm sure manufactures love it that people is always looking for the next new thing.
    It's not weird that many people have at least 2-3 used cell phones lay unused in their drawers when they go for the upgrade. Some people simply toss the used one in the trash. Unfortunately, this creates an abundance of e-waste that’s filling our landfill and they are destroying our Planet.

    I'd like to see the major manufacturers implement effective "trade-in" program for used cell phones on every new purchase as well as "take back" program for recycling or proper disposal of the broken one, like the "deposit and refund program" employed in our City for recyclable pop cans and wine bottles etc, for consumers to keep their discarded cell phones out of our landfill.
    Disappointedly, I didn’t see such programs here and all my used cell phones (in good condition) ended up at a local charity for recycling.

  4. fan says:

    Such a good site, I will keep reading this site because it is the way for me to improve my English with interesting contents. ^_^

  5. Ian says:

    I heard about the iTunes phone too.

    being "plasticy" feels when holding it, i heard that the Itunes have some good features, of cause it's no match to the original Ipod then..; )

    I am having the identical model, Moto E398. What i am concern is, was the Motorola ROKR iTunes phone a 3G mobile phone..?

    Seems 3g just launched in my place, it's quite a hot topic here.. :D

  6. yinyin says:

    Havent heard of the itune mobile phone. Australia is too out of date. Things always come out late one yr later than hk. W800i just come out in Australia, but it is so expensive. I try to bid one at ebay but it end up cost too much like $630AUD plus $40 postage , or a phone plan is avavilable for like $49 per month and a contract of 24 months. But seriosuly why not wait until the price drops. The price of phones drop like the shares during the depression.
    But w800i have very good feature like the 512mb of storage and 200megapix camera, but i think a mp3 and a cheap camera could do better than that.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    This is so off topic, but I really want the Samsung D500. Alas, it costs like US$370... Is it much cheaper in HK?

  8. Cony says:

    i watch ur tv movies since i was small,,(now i am 16~).i asked my mother why a golden hair man is able to speak in fluent chinese...u have a very deep impression in my mind~reli~~*

  9. Ian says:

    Sorry to interrupt, Elizabeth, as far asi know, D500 doesn't have chinese language support, maybe it has diferent version in diferent country, i am not sure then..

    I thought to bought D500 atfirst, after learning, it can't read any chnese messages, i dropped the buy and i got a P730 instead..

  10. yinyin says:

    Hey Ian, wel if u purchase D500 in Australia it is english based but you can tel your agent that u want the phone able to type or read chinese, they will charge ur like 30 bukz for insert this program into ur phone.... This is what happen to my E700.
    Regards Yin..

  11. Yi says:

    I was looking up for information about you when I came upon this site. All I can say is ... wow! You rock my world! I've never known any public figure to write blogs for the general public. It's mind boggling, to say the least. The fact that you seem to have such an interesting background/life makes me applaud you for your bravery and courage to step foot into a foreign land. Representing many of the baby bloomers in my generation, you're awesome!

  12. Ian says:

    They told me the similar thing, Yin.

    I am from Malaysia. D500 doesn't have chinese support, they could change the software for me, but, it will void the warranty., so i dropped the buy and got P730..

  13. sapphire says:

    >> Sapphire, i have old phones too, end up sold my nokia phone at Ebay for $120 AUD////

  14. Jennifer says:

    Hi, this is the first time I am here at your site. And I am happy to be here, cuz I always watch your show, I think ever since I was gr 1..hehe.. I remembered one time you were interviewed by K-100, and you were singing too! You sang so well! You are just amazing! Keep up the good work! =) Support you always!

  15. Linx says:

    oh dear...Motorola!!! What are they thinking?? Plastic?? Its so not "Chun" ler.. one drop on the floor.. ermm..bye bye phone... >_

  16. Elizabeth says:

    So out of topic, but I wasn't looking for chinese support for the D500. I just want English support :)

  17. Paul says:

    Off-topic but what's wrong with the Mac OSX? I have been running Mac OSX for a number years (though I make my money from managing Winbloat networks) and have never had any spyware, viruses, etc. Geez I miss them LOL

    As for Australia, it is quite unfortunate that phones come out so late considering our proximity to Asia. Outside of Australia, you have more chance of getting the phone quickly from Europe (which is where I am based) sometimes even before it has been released in Asia e.g. D500 was released last November and was just being released as the D508 (with chinese language support) in May this year in HK.

    With regards to eBay, 95% of the people trading on eBay are good people. Over here in London, eBay is huge due to their historical mail order culture. With paypal, its quick, easy and secure.

    The iTunes phone does suck a bit in that it can only store 100 songs (the W800 only stores 125) regardless of the space available on the card. If you want more, you probably should look at something else that has no limitations

  18. zuesel says:

    Here in Canada, Motorola continues to be one of the top brands. Not due to its mobiles' durability, practicality but due to its styles or looks. I work as a customer service rep in a mobile company. 90% of the complains are Motorola phones, yet, same person who says his M phone broke after a week wants to order another model of M phone!