The future of television

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Say goodbye to television as you know it.

Just as PodCasts are allowing absolutely everybody to make and distribute their own radio shows, VideoCasts are also allowing the ordinary people to make and distribute videos. No longer will what we can see on TV be controlled by the rich television companies. No longer will we be forced to watch the Olympic Games because every single available channel is showing them.

In the beginning, PodCasts were made by everyday people, but they became so successful that even big corporations like ABC and NBC decided to get involved and make their own productions. They were rightfully concerned about getting left behind. The same thing is going to happen with video and I don't think the television companies are ready for it.

Of course, video is a completely different animal to audio. Significantly more money and resources, and many more people are usually necessary to produce a good video series, so you won't see shows like Stargate or C.S.I. get released in VideoCast format any time soon.

But one day, VideoCasts will be just as professional and complex as today's television, and we'll be able to watch anything we want, when we want (at least until companies like Google in collusion with governments filter everything 'distasteful' from our search results).

VideoCasts will be the true IPTV that everyone is talking about. I can't wait!


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  1. sapphire says:

    As learnt from your 3rd interview on moShow last week and I was surprised to know that there’s no HDTV broadcasting in HK. You might be right. With less real competition comes less real innovation and improvement.
    Are you really working on PodCast for yourself (your blog) now?

  2. 河國榮 says:

    Sapphire, I'd like to but I have no idea what I'd talk about. I don't know what interests people.

  3. yinyin says:

    What the! So many technology terms that I don’t understand….
    May I ask what is videoCasts, it seems that I just come back from the jungle and have disconnect with the land for like twenty years.
    It is bit ridiculous that audience is force to watch what is on tv instead of able to choose the shows they enjoy, therefore this lends to the introduction of foxtel so many channel is born. Hey Gergery, it seems u don’t the like Olympics, why? Like I remember during the games I was forced to watch the boring Australian Gymnastics which they keep on losing, it is bit contradicting because Australia tries to celebrate their multiculturalism but this shows that cultural differences. Did u knoe that Channel 7 is trying to sue foxtel for domination of wining “hot” sport’s eg football’s showing permission. I don’t think there is a word called showing permission but I cant think of a word.
    Anyway cya
    Regards YIN

  4. 河國榮 says:


    they're called 'broadcasting rights'.

    we have a similar situation here in Hong Kong. an IPTV company run by the local Telecom (ie, PCCW) bought the rights to all of the popular US movie and tv channels. a cable tv company (ie Cable TV) previously had the rights but has now lost them.

    however, the cable company wouldn't be able to sue the telecom company because here in Hong Kong, there are no anti-monopoly laws. some people have talked about anti-monopoly laws but the rich and powerful people here are opposed to them so we'll probably never them actuate. and some people think Hong Kong is democratic!

  5. Sarah says:

    IPTV sounds Interesting!~ I heard one of my friend talking about it the other day..

    Oh You watch Stargate? I love that series! Currently am still in session 5. Will catch up session 6 soon.. Heard they just finish filming for session 9!

  6. Ian says:

    This sounds interesting. I wonder would there be any advertisement then..? I pressume it won't have any ads since it is Video Cast right..?

  7. 河國榮 says:


    on the contrary, like professionally produced videos distributed by BT, VideoCasts would rely on embedded advertising for revenue since they wouldn't be getting money from the television stations. they might even get revenue from product placement within their shows; ie, showing a can of Coca Cola on the table. product placement is in heavy use now, even at TVB where the shows sometimes get sponsored by Philips or National or some other home electronics corporation. our show The Gateau Affairs 情迷黑森林 was sponsored by National who provided the baking and microwave ovens used in the show.

    asking for subscription money to view videos would be difficult because people could easily subscribe once and then distribute the video to all of their friends and family without paying any more money.

    the same goes for podcasts. shows will only be able to make money by incorporating ads within the audio. the only problem is working out which corporations to sell ads to and for how much money. the logistics of a medium that is being distributed across the entire world would be extremely complex.

  8. Ian says:

    Thanks for the very detailed info, Greg. I should have known that the industry can't really survives without any products ads in the show.

    However, we do have some ads-free shows here, payed tv station of cause.

    It's call Astro, people will susbcribe the channels they want. Most of the ads are tv shows ads instead of promoting commercial products.

    And try guessing what is the main tv show that sells by Astro to the chinese here..? Yupp., it's TVB's shows then..

    However, the satelite dish is not that reliable when its comes to rainning season.

    Sorry for being out of the topic a little, seems video cast is something high tech, may i suggest that it would also cost a lot of $$$$$ in order to have it?

    I meant it won't be something affordable for most of the poeple, don't you think.. ;)

  9. 河國榮 says:


    Podcasts and Videocasts are free. I guess I need to explain what they are.

    Podcasts and Videocasts are files containing audio or video. You can subscribe (free) to a list which automatically tells you when the casts are released. If you have a software like iTunes ( or DTV (, you can automatically download the files for listening/viewing anytime you like.

    Podcasts and Videocasts are truly audio/video-on-demand, and they're free.

  10. Ian says:

    LMAO!! Sorry Greg, i wasn't clear about this one..

    Totally confused with those tv stations :P

    Thanks for the links, i think i have some clues about video cast now.

    Seems i prefer to watch the shows in a bigger screen, how would the idiot box plays a part when comes to this issue in your opinion?

    Maybe PC-TV out then.., we still have to control it from our computer right..?

    I hope i am right this time, a little, atleast. :)

  11. sapphire says: TV on your Mac only

    Did you know any other site for Windows?

  12. Ian says:

    It seems like Apple will have the Windows version at its website very soon as it announced at the download page, sapphire. ;)

    We will got to wait before the Win version to be available for download at other sites..

  13. sapphire says:

    I saw that announcement too. I know DTV will launch another version for Windows users few weeks later.
    The Internet TV/Video era is now dawning; I think there might be some other people/sites provide such kind of free stuff to Windows users too. Except PCF mentioned by Mr. Ho, I found Akimbo on the net too but it’s not free.

    Mr. Ho, did you know any other sources for Windows users? Of course, I mean the legal free lunch.

    P.S. Is PCF really related to Apple? I doubted very much!

  14. Amy says:

    Hi Mr Ho,

    I am one of your fans from Malaysia. You are great in acting and wishes you all the best in your future undertakings. As for Ian, Astro ads-free shows are only for the Western movies like HBO and so forth. Even the TVB movies like Wah Lai Toi have plenty of advertisements which will occur every 15 minutes. If there are going to be advertisements, why on earth are we paying good money for it? It is at times like this that I would rather pay to rent the VCDs instead.

  15. yinyin says:

    It has been a busy holiday…… Just finished watching 大长今, what a long show. I have to fast forward every minute to escape those goose bumping conversations… Seriously what should I call u, u have so many names. Which name u prefer? Wel, I just call u Wing, u r so pro in technique…. !!!!!
    Broadcasting rights, thanks a new vocabulary.^_^
    Oh, I always thought hk is democratic. As all those voting news always pop up in the news report. Wel, every governments have their dark side. Hey seriously, talking about the nes, I found that hk news is most boring news. Like the news always exaggerate, like hello, it is so common that there is红虫 in swimming pool, and this so important that it goes into the news for like a week, and most of the time it is those stupid entertainment news that don’t effect on any people apart of those are so obsess with them.
    In the above comment, you have mentioned iTune. Last time Vivien from moshow told me that I could download the show using iTune, and I search every where tried to download it, but they all need credit payment. But im not an adult how am’I suppose to have a credit card? That is age discrimination!!! Im a bit crazy. I know that itune program always come with Apple Ipod which I don’t have one and I don’t want one, you knoe where can I dl it for free or payment made by saving card.
    Anyway, Cya later
    Regards Yin ^_^

  16. Ian says:

    Hi, Amy, i do not suscribe Astro, but, i heard there weren't much ads in it.

    Are the commercial breaks are product based or just tv shows promos..?

    I had tried to googling about the DTV for Win version, unfortunately, i couldn't found anything.

    Maybe Mr. Greg can write and compile a similar DTV software for windows version ;p ..?

  17. Amy says:

    It will be like a half half ratio. Every 15 minutes, they will stop the program and advertise on products and shows. But being a paid TV, shouldn't the program continue without any interruptions whatsoever? For HBO the program will be uninterrupted and ads for other shows will only appear after the program ended. I really think that should be the way. But then the programs on Astro keep repeating themselves.

  18. Ian says:

    I agreed, Amy. We paid to watch the shows, so, i really wonder why they still can't bear the cost and why needed the commercials ads for..? :(