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Some readers saw my performance on tonight's episode of Healing Hands III (strangely enough almost exactly the same time in both Australia and Hong Kong) and requested that I open a discussion 'forum', so here it is. Feel free to chat away.

Please remember that I'll be away from Hong Kong for several days beginning Sunday. Consequently, there may be fewer updates to the blog until I get back.


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  1. Eileen says:

    Great Performance, I didn't know that you sing sooooooo well!!!

  2. virus says:

    Your voice is really really great and you can sing VERY WELL! Much better than those co-called "singers" in HK. What a big surprise to all of us!

    Thanks for your effort in performing so good in last night's episode as well as in other projects! I like watching your performance on the telly.

  3. yinyin says:

    Yeah... it is great to c updates. Just woke up. having a cup of coffee and reading this blog. But the scenery of you sing that "carry on till tomorrow' is still vividly locked in my mind.
    virus: totally agree, many people called themselves singers but they have no talent at all. The reason they are famous is because all those promotions and the stage effects, like lighting aggects that makes them look kool.
    yeah i love the lyric of that song( just post here incase anyone wants them)
    Carry On Till Tomorrow
    In younger days, I told myself my life would be my own
    And I'd leave the place where sunshine never shone
    For my life's too short for waiting when I see the rising sun
    Then I know again that I must carry on
    Carry on till tomorow, there's no reason to look back
    Carry on, carry on, carry on
    Beyond the shadows of the clouds and onward to the sky
    Carry on till I find the rainbow's end
    For my life's too short for waiting when I see the rising sun
    Then I know again that I must carry on

    Carry on till tomorow, there's no reason to look back
    Carry on, carry on, carry on

    Drifting on the wings of freedom, leave this stormy day
    And we'll ride to tomorrow's golden fields
    For my life's too short for waiting when I see the rising sun
    Then I know again that I must carry on

    Carry on, carry on, carry on

    And when the heavy journey's done, I'll rest my weary head
    For the world and it's colours will be mine
    For my life's too short for waiting when I see the setting sun
    Then I know again that I must carry on

    Carry on till tomorow, there's no reason to look back
    Carry on, carry on, carry on

  4. 河國榮 says:

    sorry people. I don't have a copy of the recording. if I'd known it was coming on last night, I might have tried to set something up. the song was recorded live on set at the Star Ferry pier (with only one day to learn the song and chords). both scenes were filmed on the same night. it was something of a special experience to be doing this on the pier with the public walking past at random intervals.

    something to note (too late now of course): the original key for the song was too low for me to sing loudly enough and we had to strap the guitar to lift the key. because we didn't have any guitar accessories with us (TV's guitar's are almost always pitiful), we ended up using a plastic pen and two plastic pull-n-zip straps to hold the pen in place. it really looked good, something you might expect from a wandering musician.

  5. Jess says:

    I didn't watch this TVB series since I'm not in HK. But I read that some people praise about your great singing skill on she.com. I'm really curious to hear it :)

    anyway, have a nice and safe trip!

  6. sapphire says:

    >>Some readers saw my performance on tonight's episode of Healing Hands III (strangely enough almost exactly the same time in both Australia and Hong Kong)

  7. 河國榮 says:

    Sapphire, GPRS? I'd like to but it depends on the cost. int'l roaming costs an arm and a leg!!!

  8. yinyin says:

    oh kool, sapphire where u from?
    Okay, i watch the show via TVBJ channel which cost around 40 dollar AUD a month. For rental it is about $24HKD 3episodes, quite expensive. GPRS, i try to contact my phone to GPRS (SAMSUNG E700) but no matter how i try, it doesnt work.... BLUE T.T
    Have a nice and safe Trip!

  9. yinyin says:

    hey guys i just did this picture on photoshop qucikly. Im just a beginner at photoshop, please dont laugh.

  10. zoe says:

    good song!

  11. Jane says:


    I'm really impressed in your determination to pursue your dream and career in Hong Kong. That "Carry On" song you sang in the Healing Hand II was pretty touching. I was moved.

  12. Joanne says:

    I remember hearing you sing, and I said to my brother "I know that voice....it sounds so familiar. And then the camera panned to the guitar and I was saying "I swear it's gonna be a celeb I know"...and then we saw your hair and at the same time we were like "It's Ho Kwok Wing!". My brother actually woke his wife up to tell her you were on telly singing LOL...she was too tired to get up but the next morning she asked me if I had taped it ;). Brilliant stuff =)

  13. Arthur Heng says:

    One step closer to Kwok Wing!

  14. sapphire says:

    Hi! Yin Yin,

    >>oh kool, sapphire where u from?

  15. 河國榮 says:

    it is so weird to hear you people refer to the TVB series by their English names. it's as if you're from another world and time. most of the time, I have no idea which shows you're talking about! "Chungis Khan"???

  16. 河國榮 says:

    茵茵, I like the montage. where did you get the images from? TV?

  17. sapphire says:

    Sorry Mr. Ho, I think it's Marco Polo in 再生緣。
    Of course we have to know the English name of the episode because it's not everyone here knows Chinese. What so weired!

  18. yinyin says:

    Thanks Greg,
    but i dont like the way u look in this photo, it likes odd.This photo is from heaven sword and the dragon sabre which produced in 2000. i could have done better if i have better picture and heaven dvd is the only set of dvd i could find. Probably i go and rent healing hands and make a picture from that. By the way. the photo that u put on the homepage wearing white shirt that is the best photo i seen of you! ^_^

  19. Winnie says:

    That song was amazing! I'm so impressed!

    Saphhire, I like the new names you've used for our countries... I'm from Maple Land too!

    Yin Yin - Maple Land is another name for Canada :)

    Have a good weekend everyone! :)

  20. Sapphire says:

    >>This photo is from heaven sword and the dragon sabre which produced in 2000

  21. Joanne says:

    I've extracted the audio for the singing parts of the episode if anybody wants it. In the first part I cut it off when Paul began talking, but in the second part I didn't cut it off because if I did it would have ended at "I will"...so we've got Henry shouting "Sarah!" while Kwok Wing is singing "carry on...". I don't think...I've broken any kind of copyright laws.

    Hope you don't mind me doing this 河先生 ;)

    First: http://savefile.com/files.php?fid=4659041


    I think it expires in 14 days. If anybody wants it after that, will upload again.

  22. yinyin says:

    thank you so so so much!
    I love it.... Thanks you so much!
    Love Ya....
    Regards Yin^_^

  23. yinyin says:

    oh, sorry greg, i didnt really answer your question. i have the 倚天屠龍記 dvd set at home, what i did is is play the dvd use PowerDvd and click on save pictures which is one of the funaction located on the below the timeline.

  24. Jess says:


    thanks for uploading it :) Mr. Ho is truely a great singer :)

    Maybe he's on the plane right now?? =]

  25. Corona says:

    Sorry people! I am a bit out of the loop. Can someone tell me in which episode of Healing Hands III did Greg appear? Thanks.

  26. sapphire says:

    Joanne, Good job!

    Corona, I think episode 35.

    For you guys info. except this song, actually Mr. Ho has got another 2 nos. of beautiful songs on MoShow this week. How am I supposed to live without you and when I look at you. And he played piano too.
    Except using Ipod and Mobil phone, you can simply play these songs on your computer too. I think this site will be updated by another new stuff by coming Thursday. Please hurry up!


  27. kam says:


  28. yinyin says:

    hey sapphire how do i download them?
    I try to play them but they dont work!
    Wil u able to teach me how!

  29. sapphire says:

    Yin Yin

    Go down to MoShow Recommends:
    There are 5 songs there. The first two sung by Mr. Ho.
    Click on the “play button” on left-hand side OR
    Click on the “r” on right-hand side… then connecting & loading shown on signal bar
    The song is after the introduction by a female DJ.
    I can play the song on my computer only…unable to download to my hard drive.
    P.S. have you got real player on your computer?

  30. yinyin says:

    It still did work. Yeah probably the song can only be play by real one coz im at skool when i try to load the songs and the computer dont have real player.
    I cannot listen to it at home since i having a very very slow internet connection... So... To bad....
    But i very wanna to listen to it...
    Not fair....//// i want ADSL....////
    Stupid going crazy yin.... dont flood the blog....

  31. Ty says:

    Your voice is very nice and sing very great. I'd love to watch your act. Hope to watch as many as episode you act. Have a nice trip! ^o^

  32. Paul says:

    what's new here? i saw u sing at the healing hand III epi 35. Whao . so cool. your singing is better than other HK famous singers.XDXD keep going mate. Do ur 'BEST'

  33. Eileen says:

    Thanks, I can hear the moshow now!
    and Thanks for uploading the clips =)

  34. sapphire says:

    Yin Yin!

    >>I cannot listen to it at home since i having a very very slow internet connection... So... To bad....But i very wanna to listen to it...

  35. Vivien says:

    Dear All,

    This is Vivien fro moShow. If you have difficulties downloading the show, please use iTunes and you would be able to search for our show. Also if you would like to listen to it through online streaming, I advise you to download realplayer. If your browser automatcially associate the file with realplayer then the show can be played online.

    Please leave us comments so we can improve our programme.

    There is still one episode featuring Ho Kwok Wing which would be uploaded this Thursday evening. Stay tuned!

  36. yinyin says:

    Hey Vivien, for the iTune, what is that? Is that something to do with the mac computer? my computer is window xp. Can the file play by window media player?
    Regards Yin

  37. Vivien says:


    Actually, if you have realplayer, you can play it on the web. Seems like Win Media Player doesn't automatically play when you go to our site.

    itunes is a software for ipod users. But you can also use it even if you don't have ipod. Just go to http://www.apple.com to download and you can have it sort out all the music on your computer, as well as download and search for the podcast you like. You should be able to search moshow in the cantonese or chinese podcast category.


  38. Aiwah says:

    Thanks Joanne for the captures. Great singing, I'll have to go and rent this episode just to watch Mr Rivers sing! Actually I have heard you sing before during your 'Superman' interview and I was suitably impressed at the time as well.

    Haha - all these 'alternative' names for countries... I think all you Kangaroos refer to my country as 'Pommie Island'...

  39. yinyin says:

    yeah, i install the real player to my usb drive and took it to school and it works. But still dont have a chance to listen to all of them since my teacher is right next to me. Yeah i will try to download the iTune program next time when i have computing and hopefully i will find a way!
    But thank you vivien and Sapphire for helping me!!!
    Thanks ^_^
    Regards YinYin

  40. Vanesse says:

    Yeah! so glad to see this forum!

    After I heard Greg's singing last time, I have been thinking of this song these several days. This song just keep replaying in my mind.

    I am desperate to know any Greg's fans can upload it on internet, so other Greg's fans can download it and listen to it.

    Greg, if you can see this, why don't you record some songs and put it on your homepage. I really love listening your singing.

    When I saw Greg singing on TV, I felt so happy. The reason is that TVB episodes have great influence to people and it's a really good chance to let everybody knows that Greg can sing.

    I hope more good chances will approach Greg soon, and his talent can be known by all HK people. I hope people will not just recognize him as a Cantonese-speaking Gwai Lo.

  41. Ian Lim says:

    Greg, you sounds great when you performed "Carry On till tomorrow"..

    I also checked out the Mo Show site.

    I must says that your did a brilliant job on "How am I Supposed to Live Without You", and "When I Look at You"..

    My goodness.., for god's sake, you have such a magnificent talent, but, what a waste..!!

  42. 木子 says:

    THX Joanne!

    Hi 鬼佬情歌皇子 (your alias on mo-Show),

    I was really moved by your version of "When I look at you"!

    Nowadays, HK people begin to appreciate the artists who can SING. Look at the popularity of those singers from the 80's, like 林憶蓮, 草蜢 and 許冠傑.

    You dont have to sing new songs. Just like Patrizio Buanne, thou most of his songs are oldies, he's very popular now. So, Greg, why not give it a shot? You might want to use the title like "河國榮出道廿週年紀念精選情歌" for your 1st album, ha ha ^^!

    BTW, could you put your singing on your blog? Gees, I wish I could have watched that episode of Healing Hands III......

  43. Vivien says:

    Wow thanks people for downloading moShow. The new episode is up tonight and it's the last session we have with Greg this time. Please come and support!


  44. 河國榮 says:

    hi guys.

    I'm still here in Indonesia. this is the first time I've had access to the internet since being here and I was surprised to see so many comments here. thank you all very much for the support. it's great.

    I'll be back in HK on Monday night; Sept 19. I have some photos to share and a few articles about my stay here in Indonesia which I'll upload to the blog gradually over the coming week or so. I hope you like them.

    take care people. I'll chat to you all again soon.

  45. sapphire says:

    So glad to see your reply across the miles. Cutting-edge technology is shrinking our world eh?

  46. yinyin says:

    wow... the first thing in saturday morning is check the blog.... Yeah Yeah Yeah.... great to see replies.... happy!! ^_^
    Cant wait to c the articles and the pics....
    Take care....
    yeah... Technology....

  47. Eileen says:


  48. yinyin says:

    oh yeah, it is the moon festival today!
    happy moon festival and enjoy enjoying moon cake!
    regards Yin YIn

  49. sapphire says:

    I finally had a chance to watch healing hands III (ep#35) on DVD. Glad to see your new challenge as a busker in that episode. Your performance’s so life-like. It’s not surprising that your talent in music has become the focal point for discussion on this forum recently.

  50. yinyin says:

    haha go Sapphire, that singing was so good... haha even now i still remembers the flow of the scenes. :D
    Acting like an idiot!
    hey Gregery, have a safe trip back to hk and waiting to c new diary entries.
    Regards YinYin ^_^

  51. Eileen says:

    saw you on "刑事偵緝檔案" tonight, surprised to have found that you look younger now =P

  52. sapphire says:

    可否麻煩你告訴我你曾唱過那首 "When I look at you" 誰是原唱人/作者?或是這首歌是私人珍藏作品,從來都沒有在市場上發行出售過?
    因我不單只第一次聽這歌,很奇怪地連上網去 Google 找它的資料及問朋友同事,幾個星期來甚麼也找不到。
    我自問聽歌都聽得很"濫",由 Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bolton 到基仔及祖兒;由 Popera 到 Canton Pop,只要好歌,甚麼都聽。但今次竟然毫無頭緒。

  53. 河國榮 says:

    Sapphire, the song "When I look at you" is from a Broadway stage musical called "The Scarlet Pimpernel". the song was written by Frank Wildhorn and Nan Knighton. I fell in love with the version sung by Linda Eder.

  54. donT says:


  55. sapphire says:

    我終於有機會聽到 Linda Eder 唱的那首 "When I look at you" 的版本啦!因為有個朋友送了她的 CD "Story Book" 給我做聖誕禮物。
    我覺得 Linda 的歌路有些和 Sarah Brightman 相近;那位跟 José Carreras 唱 "Amigos Para Siempre" (Friends for life) 的女歌手呢,林子祥有一首舊歌 "友愛長存" 都是改自 "Amigos" 這首很好聽的名曲。
    但 Linda Eder 的樣子比 Celine Dion 還要漂亮呢,難怪你 fell in love with Linda's version 啦!哈.........

  56. david mai says:

    i really love the song, and i didnt know you were an aussie GOOD GOD! hahaa do you know who sang the song?

  57. Jean says:

    Hi Greg,
    I am glad to see this blog of yours where I can get to understand the life of an actor in HK. I was a big fan of HK drama since younng was very impressed by your determination in the acting career. All the best! Best of all, Your blog is COOL!!! Cheers

  58. Kenny says:

    i read some interviews about you and i realised you are brilliant actor. i think if you have some "golden managers", your talent would be brought into full play!! Dont give up and work hard!! Man!

  59. Byran Lee says:

    Hey Greg,

    I'm from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Healing Hands III was just aired recently (as you probably know we're a bit behind here) and man, you have a gorgeous voice.

    I've always enjoyed watching your stuff, especially your appearances as a hard-nosed police superintendent in the old days...you're da man Greg!