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My apologies to those of you waiting and hoping for new articles from me. I've been very busy over the last few weeks with computer upgrades and developments. I've also spent considerable time watching Dragon Ball Z and am currently spending every night at TVB working on a new series in which I only have a few scenes but because of the martial arts involved; I'm not the one fighting; require an exorbitant amount of time filming every night from five or six in the afternoon through to five or six in the early morning.

It is quite normal for me to require a rest after a period of being very busy. The computer upgrades and work I've done over the last few weeks took a lot out of me and I've not had the mental energy to write anything for the blog.

In addition, I've thought about the blog a lot and really want to avoid writing about daily trivial events. Some people have commented that blogs are digital diaries. I disagree but at the same time have to admit that it would be far easier for me to simply write about where I'll be and what I've eaten rather than about larger issues in general. I don't want this blog to be trivial so I've decided to keep triviality to a minimum. That means that articles won't be appearing frequently but those that do appear will hopefully be of a better quality and hopefully worth reading.

One piece of news. I've been asked to write a column for a local free newspaper called am730. My articles will be published once or twice a month and I'll copy them here as well after they've been published in the newspaper. Writing the articles will be difficult to say the least because the articles will be in Chinese, and they'll need to be interesting. Hopefully with time, my Chinese will improve, and hopefully, my readers will be patient with me in the early stages as I get adjusted to the new challenge of writing in Chinese.

Incidentally, if you are one of those loyal readers who visits my blog every day hoping to see a new article, remember that you can subscribe to the blog using the grey Bloglet subscription form under the Archives list to one side of the blog. Once subscribed, you'll be automatically notified by email of new articles posted to my blog.

Thank you everyone for remaining interested in my blog. I'll post again soon.


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12 Responses to “Quiet on the blog front”
  1. Eileen says:

    Hello, Mr. River, I like watching your tv series, and when I was younger, I was always wondering either you're a "gwailoh" or Chinese. I love your performance in 情迷黑森林! Once I saw you in Causeway Bay, inside Starbucks, but I was too shy to say hello to you :P
    All the best for you!

  2. Eileen says:

    Oh! forgot to say, I'm looking forward to your articles on AM730!

  3. sapphire says:

    很高興你今日重出"江湖",又有新消息。我們并不是抱怨你最近少 Update 你個 Blog,只不過習慣了你以前的寫作 frequency,所以最近少了就覺得 有少少失落嗟。我都知道你以前每週要寫那麼多篇 articles 及時常解答我們的好奇問題,實在是浪費了你不少寶貴時間,對不起我們應該體諒你的。
    但我并不完全同意你以前寫的東西是食飯睡覺的流水式日記,至少你以前所寫有關香港實怳的東西,可以讓你的海外讀者知道多些有關香港的實怳;當你寫有關狗的東西,可以讓一些狗主有共鳴,非狗主就可以知多一些平時不知道的常識;當你寫石油貴的那篇文章,就多一些人知道原來呢個世界有 hybrid car 這些產品。所以我認為看你寫的文章是可以讓我們接收多一點點資訊及常識的,并非純粹為了消磨時間那麼簡單。

    很開心知道你在AM 7:30 有個 新 "地頭" 寫作,而且還是用中文寫那麼親切,到時我一定捧你場。在我記憶中,身為100%非中國人但有資格在香港的中文報紙中有自己的 "地頭" 用中文寫文章,我以前在港時好像從來沒有見過,現在你應該是我見的第一個人,恭喜你!看來以後可能有更多中文報紙開闢新 "地頭"邀請你用中文寫 "食經" 和 " 狗經",我是指養狗經驗呀!今次你的中文又有機會show-off 啦!
    不過今次請你真的遵守諾言在你個 Blog 轉載刊登你寫的那些文章,因為你的海外 fans 是沒有機會拿到那份免費 AM 7:30的 。

  4. Jo ^c^ says:

    Just wondering if you will be using a different name when writing ur articles on AM730???

  5. Jess says:

    hehe so happy to see your new article again. I totally agree with Sapphire that all of your articles are very interesting and informative, especially your dogs' stories, your Hong Kong life and your acting life. I also get to learn more English vocabs!

  6. princess-nikko says:

    i am a tv-crazy,especially for tvb series, in mainlan,china.visit ur site quite by accident and surprised by ur articles.they r very interesting.and ur look in

  7. Raymond says:

    heheheheh~ just found your blog ^^ I used to watch the shows u were in when I was a kid.. (well I still watch your shows now ^0^) and now me is 19~ well~ nothing much, just leaving a comment~ well u addoil and 10port frrom me XD later!

  8. Jessica says:


  9. Jessica says:


  10. Clair says:


    還有, blog的內容隨意就可以了
    不用硬性規定模式與內容, 我想這樣比較能令你的fans更了解你

  11. Jenny says:

    Yesterday, I read your article on am730.
    I can't believe that your written Chinese is so GOOD ^_^ 加油呀!!
    and the content is also very interesting :)
    especially, 身處外家的感覺. I have same feeling when I visit my husband's family and my sisters' home if her boyfriend or husband are there *_*

  12. cheer4 says:

    Just have to say that I agree with sapphire here...there is alot i'm learning from HK culture by reading ur posts! Lol, plus I'm improving my chinese by reading your chinese posts and the replies of others in chinese. I can't type chinese on my computer or I'd try. I can read most chinese and speak fluently (but unfortunately, it's getting worse, sometimes, my sound/pitch goes weird and it really annoys me!). I dont get enough practise speaking. My speaking basically is just to my grandma when she's over and a few distant relatives (somehow it's more polite when I speak to them in chinese).

    At home I speak to my parents in english, esp since they're both Chinese born in vietnam so their chinese learning revolved around 3 years apx on Hongkong and Maucau when they were refugees. I don't know any vietnamese tho, my grandma was vietnamese born but went to a chinese school in Vietnam so I learned all my cantonese from her. I used to know chinese just as well as english but now I guess cuz I don't use it enough I'm getting worse in CHinese. I also don't have any time anymore to go to Chinese school on Saturdays..*sigh* hence why I want to go and stay in HK for a while to improve my chinese.

    Right now, regularly, my chinese speaking consists of singing to chinese music (which is what I listen to mostly) or speaking it with my sister when we're out and want to say things in private.