Terrorism in London.

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The bombing in London has been very high profile news all around the world. It's not surprising. Bombs going off in the middle of London; and more than one bomb at the same time; is very disturbing for most of us. If it happened in the middle of Iraq, we wouldn't think much of it even though we should. After all, lives anywhere in the world are lives and as such are valuable no matter who or where they are. The important aspect about the bombing in London though is the information being provided by the governments and the media.

In acting class, one of the things we are told to remember is that nothing is as it seems. Stereotypes should be avoided. Not all fat people are slow runners. Not all black people have excellent singing voices or are amazing athletes. Not all caucasians eat bread every meal of the day, or even potatoes every meal of the day. And not all politicians are corrupt although it can be difficult to find one who is not.

As soon as the bombs went off in London, we heard that they were planted by terrorists. I would have to agree with this. Anyone who plants and detonates bombs in areas populated by people is a terrorist, whether that person is your friendly neighbourhood priest or even an officer in the national military. Terrorism was a certainty, but then everyone assumed that the terrorists were from the Middle East; Bin Laden's people or Islamic militants or something else of that nature. Unfortunately, everyone today has established a stereotype when it comes to terrorism, and that stereotype is that all terrorism is the product of Middle East non-Christian groups.

It's rather sad that we believe these reports without question. The same governments that cheat the average citizen every day of the year with new promises that will never be fulfilled, or with new laws to take our birthrights away from us for the benefit of the corporations and other rich people, or with new expensive projects apparently to enhance our lives but actually to profit their friends; the same governments that listen to most of our phone conversations, read most of our faxes, audit almost everything we write on the internet and run random checks on our incomes and finances; these are the governments that we trust without second guessing when they tell us that Middle East terrorist groups are behind the bombings.

Well think about the following possibilities, and they are just that; possibilities. They might not be true. They probably aren't true, but they could be.

The C.I.A. of the U.S. government is working for someone other than the U.S. government, and their goal is ultimate control of the world. The C.I.A. and the government needs all citizens to trust it and obey its every command without question. To do this, their greatest weapon is fear. In fear, the citizens will stop thinking for themselves. They'll believe anything that is fed to them, especially from the government who supposedly is trustworthy and looking out for them.

To install fear, the C.I.A. finances groups in non-Christian regions of the world to begin battles and war in their territories, and terrorism throughout the world, normally only when and where they are instructed to by the C.I.A. Religious wars are always easier to believe. History is filled with them, so it only makes sense that the C.I.A. would seek non-Christian groups to pretend to be terrorists.

On an increasing scale, the C.I.A. instructs their terrorist groups to bomb Christian countries, especially in high-density metropolitan areas. It is rumoured that 911 was pay-back to Bush for not being nice to his rich oil friends in the Middle East. It is however also possible that the C.I.A. planned the bombing.

You have to realise that the twin towers were specifically designed to withstand the collision of an aircraft. It was stated in the building specifications. The C.I.A. had planned the attack allowing for the possible loss of three, maybe five floors of the towers. They never imagined that both towers would collapse completely. It would have been as much a shock to them as it was to anyone else around the world. Of course, they'd have to pretend they didn't know about it and create a story to cover their backs as quickly as possible, but they're very good at this, having had many years to perfect the art of falsification and fabrication. If the C.I.A. didn't plan the attack, how did the planes make it to the towers without interception?

Unfortunately, most U.S. citizens are going to believe the C.I.A. and the U.S. government. It would be almost impossible for them not to believe. It is almost exactly the same as a woman who after twenty years of happy marriage discovers that her husband has had a regular affair for ten years, or that her husband is in fact gay. That woman feels extreme disbelief because her whole life was built around the trust she had in her husband and her marriage. That woman will feel disorientated, betrayed, stupid, confused, ashamed and enraged because to her, it was simply not possible for her husband to be untrue (this after I've told everyone to avoid stereotypes). In the same way, the citizens of the U.S. would never believe that their own government bombed them, killing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. It would mean questioning everything they had lived for, everything they believed, and everything they knew. It's easier to simply believe the government, no matter how questionable their explanations are.

911 gave the U.S. government and the C.I.A. something they had been after for a long time; the excuse to serialise every citizen in the country, and a population finally willing to accept the serialisation without question. After all, who was going to stand up in front of the people of the U.S. and oppose serialisation when the government was promoting serialisation as a sure-fire method of preventing terrorism and catching terrorists before they had a chance to cause any more grief? No one.

In England, the powers that be needed the same thing, an excuse to serialise the nation, and a population willing to accept the serialisation. The recent bombings will help to this end but they won't be enough. Photographs and reports throughout the internet show that Londoners continued with their daily lives less than twelve hours after the bombings. They're not scared yet; just nervous. If the C.I.A. and their bosses are going to succeed, there'll be more 'terrorism' in England before too long.

Now everything that I've just said could be true. It could also be completely fictional without a shred of truth. Nobody except the agencies and the governments know the truth and they'll never divulge it to us. They want to control us, not befriend us and definitely not serve us.

If you get anything out of this article, it's that you need to question everything you hear. We'll never know the absolute truth but if you think about everything you're told instead of accepting it without question, then there's still hope for all of us, hope that the good guys will in the end win.


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  1. sapphire says:

    兩年前 Bush 和 Blair 的政府不理會 UN Security Council 的反對,堅決向伊拉克開戰,但一般人好像都傾向相信他們二人所說,這是一場 ”正義之戰” (開戰是為了消滅 Weapon of Mass Destruction Attack 的威脅)。請問以你獨特的個人高見,你傾向相信這是一場”正義之戰”?還是”利益之戰”?(是為了石油?個人連任?政治威望?etc….)
    PS: 請勿誤會,我并非有意在這裡測試你的政治智彗,反正你今次講開這類話題,所以我很有興趣聽聽你對這件事的獨特見解。(我對這件事的想法當然是非一般的)。

  2. Arthur Heng says:

    Its indeed believable, to take over the world, 2 towers're a very small price to pay, in order to trick (or force) us to believe the whole thing.

    This can either be :
    -War between Terrorists & USA (If they're telling the truth)
    -Conspiracy of USA aginst the whole world (if your theory's right)

    The other 2 super power countries doesnt seemed to be focusing on this, Russia seemed to be pretty quiet for quite a long while, and China's busy solving the whole Taiwan issue...

    I hope Russia and China're smart enough to realize USA's plan, if these two countries concentrates on interrupting USA, USA wont be winning.

    Russia's blessed with a president with calibur, Putin, I wholeheartedly believe he can bring Russia back to Her full glory.

    As for China, as soon as they solved the Taiwan thing and cleansed their internal corruption, China will prosper, those ungrateful Taiwanese should realize whats really good for them and act smart.

  3. 杜格拉斯 says:




  4. marigold says:

    you reminded me of a junior high school teacher i once had. wat you say is true...to question everything that we're told. also, there's never one side to things, as there are different perspectives/point of views to look at. it's sad that how easy it is for us to accept certain things, i.e. that fat people are slow runners, etc. is it human nature or just pure propaganda imposed on us by the government?

  5. 河國榮 says:


    I suspect two things with regard to the Iraq war. First, Bush (not the U.S.) wants control of the oil in Iraq so he can have a little control of the supply and pricing of oil throughout the world. I've also heard that his company's oil reserves are limited so he might be hoping to extend the life of his company with Iraq oil.

    Second, by taking over and setting up a military presence in Iraq, the U.S. has a central position within the Middle East to spy and monitor neighbouring countries from, and to launch attacks if they feel the urge. Strategically, Iraq's a great place to be for the U.S. military.

    As a bonus, they get to control the rebuilding of Iraq and distribute the corporate profit goodies to their buddies from the U.S. Does this sound like piracy to anyone? Capture the ship and distribute the bounty?

    Iraq was easy picking for the U.S. They had more than one excuse to attack; 'freedom' from the 'tyrant' running the country, control of illegal weapons of mass destruction, anti-terrorism; and their intelligence probably told them that Iraq had minimal resources to fight back with. I don't think they expected the war to last this long though.

  6. 河國榮 says:


    from what I understand, communism is still strong in both Russia and China except that it's taken on a disguise and is being careful not to expose itself until it is strong enough to face the world.

    I believe that within China, communism; the sharing of all resources among all in the community; is only really valid within the communist party. if you don't belong to the party, you're not unofficially allowed to be wealthy. if you become wealthy, sooner or later, you'll be 'invited' to join the party. there have been examples of this in the last couple of years including the singer from Taiwan and our last Chief Executive (his shipping company has made billions).

    unfortunately, the majority of Chinese are not able to share in the wealth of the country. they still ride bicycles, eat poor food or not enough food, have their land taken from them by corrupt town and city officials who want to build and rent/sell factories to other rich people/corporations and so on. the first draft of the land ownership law just released by the Chinese government allows the government to take land whenever it feels fit. it doesn't need a real reason, and it doesn't need to compensate the original land owner.

    China will one day become a great power. it has the people and the resources to become that power but I feel that it will need at least another 50 years to begin to show its true potential. until then, the people and government of China will be relatively immature resulting in wars and major conflicts that needn't otherwise happen. however, this applies to many other countries today too, including the U.S. who is basically the "big bully on the block".

    the corruption you cited is very important. unfortunately, corruption in China is widespread, in every industry, at every level. I know people working in China and I know the corruption that goes on. it's not an exception. it's a rule. it's normal. until the government is cleansed and until the corruption is controlled, China will always have problems.

    however, even with all these problems, China is still one amazing country to watch as it develops and progresses.

    Arthur, what do you see Taiwan gaining by re-uniting with China? I don't see any immediate advantages (although China's industry is now beginning to outstrip Taiwan's). I only see corrupt China officials dipping their hands into the coffers (money bins) of the Taiwanese government and corporations. I think what ticks China off most about Taiwan is that it became so rich and successful without any help from China. it's not good for China's 'face' that this has happened. it's also the reason that the Hong Kong government has been silently instructed to slowly remove all traces of English rule so that any success seen in Hong Kong can be attributed fully to the Chinese government. it'll take a long time.

  7. Christine says:

    I happened to be in London last Thursday and was stuck at home all day watching the news. I must say it was horrific. More horrific now that the police have revealed that the bombers as home-grown young 20 y-o's!

  8. Karl says:

    I don't think there is some sort of group which is taking over the world through the 'war on terror'. Before the eleventh of September 2001 Bush was seeking war on Iraq. I think he wanted to do it because his dad didn't finish Saddam off, plus his cronies in the White House wanted to make lots of money out of Iraq's resources. This does not make a worldwide takeover by a group of devious individuals.

    The Americans definately did not anticipate the problems they are having in Iraq. Nowdays anyone with an axe to grind against the Americans in the Middle East can go over to Bagdad and kill Americans. They must love it. Its going to be a long time if not ever before Iraq settles down and becomes a peaceful place.

    What we have to realise though is we will have some big changes soon. Our world economy is based on cheap oil. We eat oil though crops grown with chemical fertilisers and tractors tilling land. We use oil to make our homes, do our jobs, make our lives easy. Cheap oil is our daily bread. Saudi Arabia is running out of cheaply extracted oil. There is not a great deal of cheap oil in the ground anymore except in Iraq & Russia. There is much more expensive oil though. Don't be surprised if oil goes up to something like $300US a barrel in the not too distant future. We won't run out of oil for a long time but oil won't be wasted in V8 cars.

  9. Wing Liu says:

    I lived in Hong Kong the Netherlands & the UK (still here) and have never set foot in the US (I once dreamt of living there in New York).

    I found that increasingly I am very anti-BUSH even though I think most of the small amount of American people I met are FINE, NOT that I am racist (having lived in the Netherlands - PROBABLY the most NEUTRAL country in the world)!

    My personal impression of BUSH junior is that he does NOT seem to like other nations EXCEPT the US (most obviously with the KYOTO treaty that MR. CLINTON had signed and honoured and subsequently with Mr. BUSH junior's disapproval in the interest of the American economy against global warming). Secondly, with the China spy plane affair that shown Mr. BUSH arrongance for NOT even be able to say "SORRY". Lastly with Mr. Blair helping Mr. Bush in the war against SADDAM in the name of international peace keeping, living in the UK, one can only felt that the London Bombing was to come because the WAR was a lie and totally unjustifable even though there were total outcry from MASSIVE protests across the world - surely that was an act of undermining DEMOCRACY even though Mr. Blair and Mr. BUSH were voted by PEOPLE - but they had turned against the VOICE OF DEMOCRACY!!!

    Anyway, my heart goes to the innocent deads of the Iraqi war and London bombing!!! May all the miseries be gone from this cruel WORLD!!! WARS and BATTLES will NOT be able to help the MANKIND.