Coca cola; just what the monkey ordered.

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A family of five monkeys travels in a circle through the bush around our villages. A couple of weeks ago when they arrived back near our home, I followed them with my camera. Trying to get good photographs of the monkeys wasn't easy but I managed to get a couple. I hope you like them.

Monkey with coke

The monkey found the coca cola in a rubbish bin, pulled it out, moved to the tree and began drinking through the straw! How did he learn this?

Another photo, this time a different monkey, without the coca cola ;-)

Monkey in tree


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16 Responses to “Coca cola; just what the monkey ordered.”
  1. karen says:

    hi charles..omg..those pictures are so cool =D...thanks for sharing..i was wondering what was the most significant role you had in a tvb series? which tvb series did you like the most?'re sucha good actor ..hope one day you'll get bigger roles..and get more attention from the public =)

  2. jayce says:

    That is such a GREAT photo!! Really like the one where the monkey was drinking from the straw!

    Actually they seems to be quite bold.. hopefully they wont turn aggressive and invade ur homes!!

    Coz i brought my dog out for walks at a park in Singapore, and a grp of monkeys actually tried to attack my poor MinPin.. he was barking furiously and i just ran back to the car with my dad!
    really scary!!

  3. Derrick says:

    Wow, that is truly incredible. The little guy probably picked it up from ordinary folk like us. (:

  4. Babyhelen says:

    Charles I keep on coming to ur website for quite a while and love it very much, but I never left a comment. TOday... a monkey with coke... WOW!! I must say something about it... :)

    And by the way, I love your movie and TV plays...


  5. Hoover says:

    That is indeed a funny photo! I hope the monky could sleep well at night with all the caffeine. At least this monkey is not like the chimpanzee in a zoo who picked up smoking which I saw on CNN.

  6. cherrie says:

    i love the photos! hehe, esp the one with the coke :) the photos reminds me a lot of what i normally see in national geographic channel! :)
    i don't like monkeys though because im afraid of them. you see? a monkey actually attacked my brother in law by grabbing his eyeglasses and played with it before finally smashing it with his feet on the ground! :D if i were in his shoes, i would probably faint with fright :)

  7. Felix says:

    WOW!!!A monkey drinking coca cola using straw!!!COOL MAN!!!

  8. Arthur Heng says:

    Free advertizing hahaha cool

  9. Sam says:

    I saw you in one of the pictures in an article about 《情迷黑森林》 in the latest issue of 壹本便利!!

  10. Sapphire says:

    “ Ladies and Gentlemen! 現在宣報這位就係當選2005年度
    最佳動物界’可樂’廣告代言人……… Ciao 猩猩 ”.

  11. 河國榮 says:

    Sam, thank you for the heads-up. I'll take a look ;-)

  12. dreammeow says:

    The Monkey drinking from the straw picture is just plain AMAZING!
    I wonder how this little creature learnt to drink from a straw, too! lol

  13. tacky says:

    funny pic!
    look forward to seeing somemore,
    and of coz yr performance on TV too!

  14. tacky says:

    learning language is all difficult!
    especially chi. eventhough i'm a HKer!
    how can you do it?!

  15. Sapphire says:

    用小動物做拍攝對像,容意令大家有共鳴,同意嗎?你有無興趣寄你的猴子相片去 參加比賽呀?得獎者有獎金啊!


  16. VP says:

    Drinking through a straw?! How bizarre~~ A friend told me that monkeys in captivity wank a lot. Did you see that too? lol