It’s noisy but who cares!

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My wife and I are at the Robin Gibb concert in the HK Exhibition Centre. We arrived half an hour late much to my wife's chagrin. I planned on parking beneath the new extension but after half an hour of queueing in traffic finally arrived at a full car park. We had to swing around and park in the car park next to the hotel and walk over instead. Whoever designed this exhibition centre should be shot. They should have planned for large numbers of people parking here. It is after all an exhibition centre.

So we finally made it to the concert, albeit late.

My impressions? This place wasn't designed for concerts. The sound properties are terrible. Add to that the loud volumes that the speakers have to produce and substandard sound mixing and you end up with a lot of noise where Robin's voice is sometimes hardly discernable.

Robin's voice is raspy and the chorus is sometimes off key. The music is over-bearing and the orchestral music arranger succumbed to the common temptation and musical sin of using as many instruments as much of the time as possible.

The floor of the hall is flat so people at the back have a hard time seeing Robin on stage, and because all sound is produced by the speakers in front, people sitting in the front section are getting blasted as if they were in a rock concert.

But the songs are great, and the Bee Gee fans? Well they're having a fantastic time!

Time to sign off and listen to the music ;-)


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  1. Thomas says:

    Ayia, we brought the ticket for Sat night. Hope the sound will improve.

    Last time, we go to the box office and want to buy the tickets for Eagles. Found that even a $9XX ticket was at the peak and the very corner. $5XX ticket just seeing the back of stage and that's all. So finally we give up.

    After all, for $9xx, we got a second class ticket for such a master of music. Moreover, who know if we have chance to see Bee Gees any more in Hong Kong.

    My heart was half cold after seeing the TV boardcast of his show in Germany last week in TVB Preal. Only Robin singing alone is very differnt to Bee Gees. And then I see your post, what can I expect form the show??

  2. 河國榮 says:

    Thomas, you've got to remember that I'm very very particular about music. the average person probably thinks that the music and sound are fine.

  3. Faye DaS. says:

    Did this concert bring back a lot of good old memories to you and your wife?
    I like his songs and all the Gibbs too.

    I learnt (from an online HK newspaper, “orange?”) that Robin is going to have a concert in China soon. In order to expand his market in China, his promotion agency is planning for a crossover with a HK female Canton Pop singer J.Y..(Is that the only reason for crossover? Sounds unfair to Robin.). Anyway, whoever gets such a good opportunity to work with Robin, the “Hall of Fame” artist, is definitely a pride of his/her showbiz. Although I’m not a big fan of JY, her voice is okay for me. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this brand-new duet.

    Btw, for my curiosity only, did it cost you big bucks for sending such a long text message via Cell Phone in HK?

    Faye @ LA

  4. Sapphire says:

    >>Thomas,you've got to remember that I'm very very particular about music. the average person probably >>thinks that the music and sound are fine.

    Where do you think is the best place designed for concerts and music events in HK?

  5. Grace says:

    hey, just wanted to say hi. i'm the opposite of you, a hongkie in australia~ read the interview in "yut zhou horn" about you and thought i could visit your page. amazing story~ i really admire your courage and endurance! God bless~

  6. Vicky says:

    Their songs are great but I'm not a diehard fan of the Bee Gees. I went to see the stage musical 'Saturday Night Fever', though. It was a good show!

  7. Arthur Heng says:

    Hmm, most singers're off key during concert, becoz they cant take two, ha!

  8. 河國榮 says:


    I'm not a sound expert. that said:

    very few places in HK were designed for concerts; the Hung Hom Stadium (紅館), perhaps some of the rooms in the city halls throughout Hong Kong and of course the cultural centre in TST.

    one of the problems we face here in HK is that the big companies block book the best places for concerts leaving nowhere to go for the smaller companies. if you're an interest band wanting to put on a concert for your friends and fans, it's pretty much impossible to book a venue. it's a serious problem.

    that's why the West Kowloon project was developed. unfortunately, the government people responsible for the project are more concerned about their own pockets and the incomes of their friendly development companies than the Hong Kong people. so while we the tax payers are paying for the project, more and more of it is becoming residential property that the developer can sell to make a huge profit for itself. this of course means that there will be less space to build the entertainment venues the project was initially designed for. (Donald Tsang serves nobody but himself and his company buddies.)

    if we had a responsible government, the West Kowloon project could greatly help the development of entertainment industries in Hong Kong; concerts, plays, theatres; everything needed for a wide variety of arts and of budgets.

    it's a shame our government can't be trusted to do what's best for Hong Kong.

  9. 河國榮 says:


    I didn't listen to the radio much until 1984 when I began living in the dormitories at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and even then, I listened to an 'easy listening' station which broadcast people like Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Acker Bilk.

    so while I know some of the songs the Bee Gees sang, I definitely don't know all of them and they don't make me all giddy and happy inside as they would a Bee Gees fan. the Bee Gees were though a great band and they did make some wonderful songs in their time.

    my wife had more fun at the concert than I did. she probably heard more radio than I did at the time.

    my article was sent from the mobile phone via GPRS email, not SMS. it wouldn't have cost too much; probably around HK$0.30 assuming a rate of HK$0.10/kbyte.

  10. Sapphire says:

    >>the government people responsible for the project are more concerned about their own pockets and the incomes of their friendly development companies than the Hong Kong people.>>
    >>Donald Tsang serves nobody but himself and his company buddies.

  11. Vicky says:

    Quoted from 河國榮: Donald Tsang serves nobody but himself and his company buddies... it's a shame our government can't be trusted to do what's best for Hong Kong.

    Very well said! We can't pin our hopes on them. It's a real shame, isn't it?

  12. Thomas Cheung says:

    The show on last Sat was really as "noisy" as you said. In some fast songs, I can only hear the music but not the voice of Robin.

    Anyway, the atmosphere is good and we seldom see it in concerts in Hong Kong. Begining from the encore (comes a bit early, 1 hr 15 min after the shows starts), people stand up to dance and come to the first row to shake hands with Robin. Robin encore for so many times (4 times?)

    But he missed one of my favorite that listed in the poster - the Melody Fair.

    I begin to remember that all the production that I see from Wolfman Jack HK is so so. In 1999, we see ONJ in same venue organized by Pato Leung is much better. Recently Pato Leung is concentrate on his medical business. Otherwise, he had been organize Bee Gees concert in Hong Kong for several times before....

    Who did have the status of Robin come next? Paul McCartny?

  13. sapphire says:

    請問你有無時間去看看今天 ”生果” 日報的 headline 呀!係有關West Kln Project ;港府好似有些讓步,不再堅持,并重新 review他們的 cultural policy。對你地演藝界應是好事?

  14. patrick santosa says:

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