E.T. go home!

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He's a small praying mantis that I found in our flat. He wouldn't survive inside so I took him back outside. (Click here to see other web sites with amazing photos of praying mantii and stick insects)

I've been told by someone at Kadoorie that Stick Insects and Praying Mantii are the same, except that one is male and the other is female. I don't believe that's true though. There are structural differences which make the two insects too different to be related.

He's cute!

A cute praying mantis

For a close-up shot of the praying mantis, click here.


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9 Responses to “E.T. go home!”
  1. Christine says:

    I don't think that is true either. Many many years ago my biology teacher kept a tank of stick insects in the lab for lessons on reproduction, no mantises/green insects were present, and the stick insects managed to produce many offsprings. =P

  2. nicky says:

    You are 100% animal lover! I'm scared of insects..he's cute ~(in the pic :p)

  3. Vicky says:

    I used to work at Kadoorie Farm. Who told you that? Is it someone from the Fauna Conservation Department?

  4. teresa says:

    he's cute

  5. 河國榮 says:

    Vicky, one of the people in the reception office told me. they have a large model of a stick insect or a praying mantis (or both?) in the reception office. when I commented on them, the person replied that they're the same; one is female and one is male.

    after seeing more photos of these incredible insects on the 'net, I'm very sure they're not the same species.

  6. Vicky says:

    No, they're not the same, I can assure you.

    The reception staff are well-versed in the history of the Farm and can provide you with detailed visitor information. But when it comes to animals, they could be a little confused (and so am I, although I was a member of the Fauna Conservation Dept. ^^). Ask someone from Fauna or Education next time. They can tell you all about animals. Ta-ta!

  7. Miranda says:

    I always dislike insects, any kind of insects (except ants maybe), but this fella in this photo actually looks different to me. I guess it's the touch of him being on a human's hand? Nice photo!

  8. Lynn says:

    Aye! He's a cute bugger. They are definitely not the same type of insect. If you want to see some praying mantis shots, check my Flickr page. I had a wee one hanging about my bonsai and shell plants outside.


  9. 河國榮 says:

    Lynn, your praying mantis looks great! the spider looks interesting too; very large body.