「情迷黑森林」 Thomas and I

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This is a photo of Thomas Lui and myself. Thomas is the chief pastry chef at the Marriot Hotel. He's a great guy and incredibly talented when it comes to pastry and chocolate. Every cake and chocolate creation you see in the show was made by Thomas, with great attention to detail. He loves his work and he never settles for less than perfect.

I remember one night filming at the studio. My scene was the second-last scene of the night but rather than leave and go home straight away, I decided to wait until they had finished the last scene so that I could get one of the cakes that had been made for that night's shooting. Sure enough, after every scene had been filmed, I was able to leave with half a cake; the producer took the other half. It was no ordinary cake, not the fluffy kind you normally see in shops and restaurants. This cake was made of yoghurt and something else that I can't remember at this point. You'll probably see it in the series. The cake was absolutely heavenly to eat. My family loved it as much as I did. It was possibly one of the best cakes I've ever eaten in my life!

By the way, the orange 'wall' that you see in front of Thomas and myself in the photo is in fact a sponge cake! All of the cartoon adornments on the front of the cake are made of chocolate, made by Thomas of course.

Thomas and I

One more thing. If you watched the first episode of the TV series, you should have seen the cake that 高根 made for his son. It was a taxi cake. Thomas in fact made a taxi cake for his baby boy a few years ago, so you can see where the idea came from. In Thomas' case, the taxi was full of chocolates and other nicities. Thomas has also made a Kowloon bus cake for his son's birthday. He's an amazing guy.


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19 Responses to “「情迷黑森林」 Thomas and I”
  1. Monster says:

    U performed very well in 情迷黑森林!

  2. sapphire says:

    Wow! You really look like a pastry chef in this photo.

  3. Yuen says:

    Your performance in the lastest drama has amazed me. I've long been attracted by you, as a foreigner, in the television screen. Good luck, man! I am looking forward to see you become a very-famous actor one day.

  4. Christine says:

    Was that him standing next to Lo Hoi Pang at your gâteau challnge last night?

  5. sapphire says:

    Excuse Me, I forgot one thing.
    Since Thomas is a successful pastry chef and your good friend, could you please ask him for some simple recipes for those famous dessert such as Italian tiramisu or French souffle for us? I'm pretty sure most of your readers here are interesting to learn this.Thanks!

  6. Christine says:

    by the way, did you really strech the chocolates (how?) or were they something else?

  7. Arthur Heng says:

    You looked pretty young in that pic =)

  8. marigold says:

    hey Charles! i saw you in the show and i must say you did a very good job! just a curious thing, in ep. 2 where you sprayed your hands to make it "colder" is that a real technique used by pastry chefs? sometimes i doubt whether or not any of the "facts" TVB comes up with is true or not :P

  9. Moe Szyslak says:

    G'day mate, this show is amazing and you are amazing! I must say that most of the recent TVB dramas had let me down except this.

    I like baking myself and I will be watching every episode. Too bad you lost in the baking contest in episode 2 and I look forward to a great comeback from you.

  10. 阿伯Angus says:


  11. Phillip says:

    hey, do you have the picture of that Kowloon Bus cake?? haha, I would really like to take a look, I like buses!

  12. Faye DaS. says:

    Pasty Chef challenge! Sounds like ‘Iron Chef ‘challenge on Food Channel. Who’s the champion at last? I like pastry making too. French Crêpe with blueberry is one of my masterwork. (LOL). Hope to see you soon in this series on VHS.

  13. 河國榮 says:

    thanks guys for the compliments ;-)

    Christine, no. you'll probably not see Thomas in the series itself.

    Sapphire, Thomas won't give away his secrets. however, he does occasionally give classes. they're usually fully booked very quickly though so it can be difficult to get in. some of his classes are arranged by the Hong Kong Gas company.

    Christine, we didn't stretch the chocolate the way you see it on screen. that's special effects ;-)

    Marigold, I don't think regular chefs are going to use cooler to cool down their hands. in the long run, it has to be bad for their joints.

    Phillip, I don't have a picture of the bus. I wonder if he made one for the show? it's possible but I'm not sure.

  14. cherrie says:

    im just curious, what do you mean by 'gateau'? why is it the title of the series? does it have something to do with the pastries?
    also, before shooting this series, are you actually required to take baking classes or seminars?

  15. Sam says:

    "Gateau" is the french word for cake.

  16. Sesame Street says:

    To Cheerie & Sam,

    As Per dictionary.com:-

    gâ·teau or ga·teau Pronunciation Key (g-t, gä-)
    n. pl. gâ·teaux (-t)

    A cake or pastry, especially a light one filled with custard, fruit, or nuts.

  17. cherrie says:

    sam and sesame st: thanks so much for the explanation! =) now it makes more sense to me =) hehe, now im hungry!

  18. Sapphire says:

    我終於在上星期六可以在這裡租到 ”情迷黑森林” 的錄影帶睇啦!但暫時只有第一至第九集,第十集以上要這星期六才有貨。劇中的朱古力都可以 stretchable? 我還以為睇緊 David Copperfield 變魔術。
    但在戲中D演員名字除了你 Sean Paul 是人名之外,其他人的名字都好似大部份係 dessert & edible. e.g. 唐霜(Icing sugar),布朗(Brownie),孫宇樂(Sour Yogurt),沙巴翁(Zabaglione, kind of famous Italian dessert)etc;再加上Thomas 的靚餅,所以睇這個劇集時有越睇越肚餓的感覺。
    遲些你的 Mom & Dad 從 ”老家” 來香港探你?到時又一定會帶很多美食的東西給你吃。

  19. Icy says:

    is there really 冷涷之手exsiting in this world? Does Thomas the chef have 冷涷之手 as well? and the show was awesome! ! ! Is there any way that we can try the cakes made by Thomas? Perhaps in Marriot Hotel or something? cheers =]