Thank you all.

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My wife and I have been overwhelmed by the support expressed by the people of Hong Kong and of Chinese people around the world. I have received comments and emails from Hong Kong, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and other countries. The world wide web has really affected the way the world works and communicates. It's phenomenal.

Thank you to everyone who has left comments, written email messages or simply visited this blog. I truly appreciate the support. I'm still digesting everything and the final affect won't be fully understood for a long time to come.

Many people have commented that they are in similar situations to myself. They live overseas in a strange and foreign community. Some are students. Some are working, but they're all working and in some cases struggling to adapt and integrate.

I remember a non-Chinese lady I met outside the local ParknShop store one day last year. She had a baby in a pouch on her back, two doberman dogs on leash and three heavy shopping bags. She asked me to help her place the shopping bags on her arms because her hands were busy holding the dog leashes. She didn't drive. She chose to walk. I commented on her predicament and she answered, very wisely; "there are no shortcuts in life".

This statement stayed with me. It applies to all of us. Many people are having difficult times. I have friends who like myself have struggled for many years, especially so since the 1997/8 economic meltdown in Hong Kong. We don't give up though. We carry on, ever hoping that tomorrow will bring good news.

I'm pleased and surprised that my life is giving moral support to other people who are themselves struggling. This was totally unexpected and unintended. All I can say to these people is exactly what many people have said to me in recent emails; never give up.

The people of Hong Kong have faced many difficult times. Time and time again, they have proven how tough and resilient they are. This is one of the reasons I admire, respect and have a fondness for Hong Kong people, no matter where in the world they may be located. Hong Kong people are special.

I have a personal adage:
"Today's pain, Tomorrow's gain", or

(P.S.: 這個網誌所有的中文是我自己想,自己寫。真的!)

Take care; all of you.


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  1. 杨亦 says:




  2. 白慧星 says:

    Hi Mr River




  3. Elli says:

    Like many others, I like watching you act long time. We knew that you have put your heart in your career.

    We all have difficult times, never give up, never doubt about your ability, don't lost self confidence.



  4. Perle says:

    SUPPORT you!

  5. tiffany says:

    其實我在德福商場的x園粥麵店試過同你一齊搭枱,有過一餐之緣。不過,因為我以為知名人士都不喜歡在公眾場合被打擾,所以我跟我先生很努力的扮看不見你及你太太。下次不會了,不次再見到你,我會鼓起勇氣當面跟你說,我們香港人支持你!你要努力呀!何太都要努力呀!Mr. Rivers,多條河先生^^加油呀!

  6. Ryan says:

    You know... Life should be living with no regret. Cheer Up... (Ryan from NYC)

  7. CyA says:


    中國人去學習其他外國語文,本身並無不妥,不竟社會在 globalization 大勢所趨下,多學些外國語文就等於為自己增多些競爭能力,實為好事;但為了崇洋心理而放棄學習自己文化,真是有點那過,唉......

  8. Mandy says:

    Hello Gregory, I couldn't believe that I could actually get in contact with you! I got access to this site via the interview you had done with the Next Magazine.

    I've been watching you since I was a kid and you are one of my favourite actors! I think I got kinda a similar background to you in that I'm an Aussie-honkie as well but in an oppsite way. You're a real Aussie but I'm a real Hongkie.

    I'm an Uni student currently living in Sydney. I go to UNSW, and you went to USYD! I was reading the interview you made with the "Next Magazine" and it was just so touching! I couldnt believe that an Aussie would be such in love with the HK culture! And yes, I love hearing Alan Tam and Leslie as well! They are the best singers ever!

    I got TVBJ at home (just making sure you know, this is a tvb overseas channel but you get to watch the lastest series like the Police one "The Academy", showing now in HK). So that means when your show is on, I can watch it here too!

    What you wrote on the site is really motivating I love the quote "today's pain is tomorrow's gain"! I really could feel that you got the "heart" and passion to make your dream come true!! And I really admire that attitude! You have reminded me to be passionate in what I really want to do in my life!

    Dream is not only a dream, MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Just like you who were willing to wash dishes in Chinatown and save up the money to go to HK to fulfil your DREAM!! I want to do the same!!

    SO DON'T GIVE UP!! I WILL SUPPORT YOU FOREVER!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Do more interviews, be more active in getting more roles or maybe try performing on the stage? Do you sing karaoke? Go there and practice your singing!


  9. D says:

    hey man... after reading your articles on Yat Magazine, just wanna drop a few words. Never give up! I've been watching TVB for so long that i can't remember since when and you are definitely one of my favorite "green leaf" artist. I'm really impressed by what you did trying to make your dream come true. Keep it up, you are doing great and i hope you are having lots of fun while doing it.

    D from USA

  10. learnedfriend says:

    A very nice blog that i enjoy reading no matter in Chinese or English. I would like to link your blog to mine. Let me know if you do not think it's a good idea.

  11. shaoyan says:

    so happy to see you here!
    i've linked from
    i watched your tv dramas since i'm little in HongKong, even after me and my family immigrated to Canada, you are still my mom's idol! haha~
    currently me and my husband live in Taiwan, need to got to have some change, as my pain no gain, 共勉之! ^__^

  12. Minnie says:

    After reading the others' comments on how ur story brought the positive impacts on other people life, I believe that God really put u here in HK for a purpose.

  13. timmy says:


  14. Boni says:

    Hi there, I read an article from nextmagazine.
    No matter wat, dun give up ur dream and ur effort paid will be rewarded .

  15. 世界盡頭A says:



    You belong here.
    You are the shining star on our sky.

  16. 400blows says:

    We know you are acting by heart, as we see on screen.

  17. daisy says:

    看過你在壹週刋那篇訪問,深受感動。其實在這以前已經很欣賞你的演出,亦知道你很喜歡香港的文化,但了解過你的遭遇後,我更欣賞你的為人。Don't give up, 其實香港有很多人都喜歡你和欣賞你(包括我的丈夫)。相信我,有志者、事竟成,你努力一定不會白費。


  18. vanessa says:

    Hi there!! Im so happy to see u here! Actually we've met before at the Narita Airport in Japan couple years ago while we were waiting for a flight to San Francisco, I am not sure if u remember that haha ^.^ For me, I still remember our conversation, I remember u told me u were studying in Australia, u told me u watched the Japanese Dramas such as Long Vacation and Love Generation and u love it too..At that time, I was so surprised that ur Chinese is really really good, even better than me haha!!!!! Anyway, I am not sure if u still remember that, but everytime I see u on the TV, I would proudly tell my friends that I met u in the airport!!! Happy to see u here !!! Good luck and 加油呀!!!

    Ur Fan Vanessa from San Francisco

  19. Vanesse says:

    Dear Greg,

    I have read your interview in next magazine and that's how I get to know your homepage.

    After reading your interview, I felt very touching. I have paid attention to your acts in TVB's episodes and I have always admired your actings.

    Please do not give up and I will always visit your homepage in future.

  20. m says:

    The layout of your webpage is poor as the column of the text was sooooo narrow. The content of your webpage, however, is really excellent and impressive!

  21. 河國榮 says:

    how big is your monitor?

  22. Jo says:


  23. someone says:

    hihi....i m studying in Sydney and live very near to Sydney Uni...^^

    i found that u dun always show up on TV as before these few years, coz i remember i always saw u on TV when i was small, u know i thought u dun like acting anymore......but after i read your interview...really appreciate that u never give up to approach your dream!!!

    sorry eng is so poooooor....

    p.s. add oil...always think of your fans in hk and overseas when u feel depressed!

  24. shy says:


  25. bushpanda says:

    G'day mate,

    I have just found that you are my senior at uni syd!!! This is really like the biggest surprise I could ever get from TVB haha...

    Mate, you are a real TV icon of HK, and an old friend who has grown up with us altogether since 1980s. For your courage and strength, I will tell my kid(s) someday, "This is a good man with the guts to pursuit his dream inspite of all the odds, and will never submit to it." when we watch your show on TV together. You are a role model, and you tell us that the money is not the sole achievement in life.

    Keep up the good work, you will be rewarded someday!!!

    Warmest regards,

  26. Sandie says:

    I knew why you named yourself as "國榮" through an interview in a magazine years ago. It was because, as you said, you admired Leslie Cheung respected him, and treated him as your target. Of course, at that time, Leslie was still with us.

    Yes, he was (is, I hope) a real actor and singer who devoted his life in demonstrating how a hardworking man with good talent could finally achieve his goal even under tremendous stress and harsh competition.

    I know you could do as good as him. Add oil!!

  27. Ivan says:

    G'day Greg, I found out about this website from the interview you did with "Next Magazine" the other day. I admire your courage and passion to pursuit your dream in a foreign country. I could imagine how difficult it would be for you in HK, coz i am a honkie in australia!! haha

    Nowadays, everyone is looking for shortcuts to quick success. Not many people will stick to the basics like you do! I think that's the right way to go! Audiences can tell who has put in the hard work. I can tell you are truly passionate to what you do and also to HK. I think you are enjoying it as well ( that's the most important bit, what is better than doing something that you enjoyed and get paid for !! haha)

    Life is always a bumpy road. Please don't get too upset about it! I am sure your colour will shine one day!! I am looking forward to this day to come!! Keep up with the hard work! All the best to you and your lovely wife and dogs!!

    Cheers mate!!


  28. Elsa says:

    helo~em...i dunno how to say !
    i just want to say that all my family members love your acting...!!SUPPORT U!!
    U are a great actor!
    Wish u & ur family Happy!!

  29. justin says:

    hello,mr river
    i did listen u singing on the TV once few years b4.
    i think u sing quite well.
    i just read a interview of u from newsgroup.
    so i wanna leave a comment here.
    dun give up.
    many ppl appreciate ur job.


  30. Wing says:

    Hey u're great!!! after reading a piece of your interview article, you impressed me very much....You are the most popular cantonese speaking foreigner actor in HK, I'm waiting for your new show.


  31. vilya says:

    Dear Ggregory,

    What you went thru, are going thru, is a lot like my favourite actor (also TVB actor mainly in supporting roles) only he gave up (or so I think) and left. I kept thinking, if he knew there are people out there (like me and many others) who support him and think that he is a good actor no matter what role he played, will he have left? So I regret being so stingy with my comments and encouragement. Don't give up. Even supporting actors are remembered and liked by the audience. All the best.

  32. Joanne says:

    Hello there Gregory ^_^

    I have just read an article about you on newspaper and i saw your web address on it, so that's why i'm here to drop you a few words =)

    I am currently 21 years old and I have been watching TVB series for lots of years. At the first time i saw you on TV, WOW i was really impressed @_@ How come an austie could speak cantonese such well...oh my god...i started to notice you since that day...cause you are really special and talented WOW @_@

    Actually i drop by here just to tell you that, DO NOT EVER GIVE UP YOURSELF AND YOUR DREAMS !!! I'm from Malaysia and lots of us here know about you. 您在馬來西亞拥有着一定的知名度,我们這裡好多人都認識您哦 ^_^ Keep up the good work and don't ever stress yourself, just do all your best and try not to let us down. We'll always support you here ^_^

    PS: Try not to be choosy, learn everything while you have the chance. We know you sure can master all the knowledge well, gambate ^_^

    * 人要學而用之,而非學而置之 *
    * Use what you have learned and never dump it aside, don't ever waste it. *

    *~God Blesses you all the time~*

  33. jose says:

    Hi Mr. River,
    Just write to say hello and send my regards to you and your family. You are quite famous in Malaysia, so just keep it up. Do the very best you can. Bye-bye.

  34. Arthur Heng says:

    I can see you're really into dogs, normally non-dog people wont be describing the type of dogs they met, they'll simply say "2 dogs", hehe.

    I'm from Malaysia, you see, you're so famous, even Malaysians know about you.

    I'm sure your efforts will pay off eventually.

    See you Mr Rivers.

  35. Tina says:

    Hi Mr. Rivers,

    Like everyone here, I'm a great fan of yours. I'm a Chinese-born Canadian but my mom was born in Hong Kong. So she'd always rent a bunch of TVB series tapes and I grew up watching them. However, as a kid, I didn't want to speak Chinese just because my friends at school either spoke French or English... in other words, it just wasn't 'cool' at that time to use Chinese. But once in awhile, I'd glance over at the TV while my mom was watching the tapes. I'd always notice you because I was so amazed that someone who's not Chinese was able to speak it so well. I'd love the fact that I'd see you in practically every series and I'd say to my mom: "Hey it's him again!" She'd then send me on one of those guilt trips and remind me that my Cantonese isn't nearly as great as yours. Eventually, it worked and I started to pay more attention in Chinese school, spoke it more with my mom and got hooked on TVB series (it's actually where I learned most of my Chinese vocabulary). I speak Cantonese fluently now (though with a *slight* accent but I love it and I just can't be Tina without it). I just wanted to say thanks for being such a great influence and for doing what you do.

  36. Alison says:

    C, Greg, u r truly inspirational. After the story abt that little boy in Australia (whom his parent wrote a lengthy piece in Chinese to thank u, remember?), now we have Tina from Canada.

    Greg, u r simply GREAT! :-D

  37. Gil says:

    Hi! Mr. River, I have watched you in TV for many many years. I really appreaciated what you show up on every programmes. You are a pro and really good at Cantonese! After I ready your article here, it opens my mind. Iam sometimes upset but I think I have been influenced by you now until I have read a series of your articles!! Yes, I am serious!

  38. Belinda says:

    Although it is only a short message but just to let you know You are excellent !! Wish you all the best !!