“Perfume” 「香水」 begins tomorrow!

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"Perfume" 「香水」 begins tomorrow. The first show will be a charity show and has been sold out. The other shows are still up for grabs if you're fast enough.

We moved into the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on Monday and have already had two rehearsals with the full stage and settings. We have another two rehearsals today and one more tomorrow before the premier show so the first show should be a very good show.

Perfume will be playing from May 5 until May 11 with two shows each on Saturday and Sunday.

Don't miss out.


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One Response to ““Perfume” 「香水」 begins tomorrow!”
  1. Victor YC Chan says:

    read your interview with next nagazine, admire your determination and ambition. Wish you good luck and I'll try to get some tickets for "perfume".