The big 40!

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My birthday is just one day away. On Saturday, I will hit the big 40.

I don't know if I should celebrate or not. 40 is a big number. Fortunately, many in the Chinese culture believe that 40 is just the beginning of a man's life. I tend to think that this will be true for me too, with far more opportunities and experiences to materialise in the coming years. Call me an optimist (and a cynic but that's another topic) but that's what I feel.

So, Happy birthday to me, and also to Esther, a good friend whose birthday is also on Saturday, just a couple of hours before or after me; not sure which.


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  1. PC says:

    Dear Greg,

    Happy Birthday (30 April)!
    Wish you all the best & Good Show in Perfume.

  2. sidekick says:

    Happy Birthday~~ ^O^
    just found yr blog through this blog:


  3. 冬冬 says:

    Happy Birthday!

    and I found your blog from ms. sidekick above... ^^

    Saw you so many times in all the TVB shows, never thought that
    I can leave you a note on your blog~ wow. The wonders
    of today's technology!

    Best wishes!

  4. Stannum says:

    Happy Birthday Greg!

    I was also linked from sidekick's blog... I am "a Honkie in Australia" :-) migrated here 15 years ago.

    I have seen you on TV so many times (used to be on rental tapes but nowadays on TVBJ - satelite TV subsidary of TVB in Australia)

    I have read your Chinese article and learnt that you can read Chinese and type using hanyu pinyin, wow! I started my blog last year and used to be very slow in typing hanyu pinyin. After a year of practice (several articles per week), I am now up to speed. So, my advice is, keep on practicing .

    I studied at UNSW too, did you grow up in Sydney?

    I write about my life in Sydney in my blog (in Chinese) from time to time, come and have a look.

    It's also interesting that you are also on the typepad platform, which seems to be a rare find amongst HK bloggers. I guess, the first question HK people ask before choosing a platform would be, is it a free service?

  5. O_O says:

    Happy birthday! :)

  6. Hang says:

    其實見你用中文寫blog 真係好意外

  7. Paul says:

    Dear Paul,

    Happy Birthday To You wor!

    I wish you all the best and good show in Perfume la.

    You know, I'm happy to work with you although it's just only one scene. Hee...hee...



  8. Duke of Aberdeen says:


    My younger brother and I have been your fans for many years. Glad to know you write blog and I really enjoy reading it.


  9. 傳說中的地通拿 says:


  10. danRyan says:

    Hi Greg,祝你生日快樂啊!原來你來港已廿多年了,時間過得真快。很開心有外國人當香港為家這麼久,多謝你啊!

  11. learnedfriend says:

    Happy Birthday!
    我一直都喜歡看你的演出呢, 不過最近幾年好像很少在電視上見到你呢...

  12. Doris says:

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  13. Phil says:

    Happy birthday, mate.

    I'm an Australian-born Chinese, watch Jadeworld (Chinese pay t.v. in Sydney), so therefore, I saw you on tele on TVBJ. I saw you playing a cameo role in "The Prince's Shadow" (Yu Yung Hahn Yun). Watched you performed in "Her Fatal Ways IV", which you starred with Dodo Cheng Yu-ling and Cheung Yin-ting. By the way, my birthday was on the 27th of April. I'm now 28. Take care, mate. You'll be right. Cheers!

  14. yvonne says:

    I got to know about your website from the Next Megazine. I am very impressed by your kindness to animals. Everybody of our family love dogs. Dogs are so true and honest, much contrasted to mankind!

    Wow, your picture in the website looks so much like Kevin Cosner(spelling???). I am 40 years old too. I grow up with your shows on TV. Although you are not the main character in most of your shows, I can tell that you take every one of our role seriously. That's what a professional actor should do and tell your what, the audience got sharp eyes. And I am not saying this to make you happy, your acting, as well as your Cantonese, has improve a great deal through the years. I can barely tell the name of the many new young faces in TV, but I bet you are recognised by most of the Hong Kong people. Sometimes, I feel some of the local actors very annoying, but I think few people in Hong Kong find you annyoying becuase we can tell you act with your heart and it is that little piece of heart that deserves our respect and applause.

    There are two kinds of men in term of age. Some just get fat and bulky, like James Bullushi, Tom Hank(Thank God, he can really act), Ah Lak(Chan Pak Cheung, but he is rich), Choi Fung Wah(poor guy, he is...???). The other lucky ones are Sean Conery, Leung Chiu Wai, Harrison Ford, Andy Lau, Chow Yun Fat. Their masculine charm did not come out until they have turn 'Old". You are one of the lucky ones who are able to age in the good direction. So, do not give up. Keep it up. If Chow Yung Fat can do it in Hollywood, you can do it in Hong Kong too. Your effort is and will be recognised.



  15. comet says:

    Although it's 12days late to say "Happy Birthday "!!! Hope you never mind ^^...... Happy Birthday! Best Wishes for you and your family!

  16. snake says:

    You will be a superstar.Don't give up.

  17. Stanley says:

    Saw your interview on Next Mag., keep it up! The only time I saw you in person was in a Mac show in 1996 when Apple released OS 8. I can't believe I can still remember that...

  18. ki says:

    There are about 7 years that I am living in overseas now, but I still remember your cute face in TVB's drama! Your looking just fresh and your cantonese is really good! I can't believe you are 40 now ^^..... in my mind, when I was young I saw you in the TV... you are just like a big brother... and now I am 23 lor.... years pass........ I really can't believe the handsome foreign guy that I watched in drama b4 is becomming 40 lor~ ^^.... although it's bit late to say happy birthday to you! but it's never late that send my best regards to you and your family! ----- God Bless you----!!! ^____^